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Bring back my windows

Editor of the Reformer:

It is great that the Marlboro Alliance’s summer sale was a success on July 26 and 27. A lot of folks worked really hard on it. On Saturday afternoon, we bought the remains of three Velux roof windows, the glass and dark metal frames. They were left leaning on the stone wall at the back of the stack of windows. We were going to get a truck and return for them Sunday morning, and when we got there they were gone. If anyone reading this picked up the windows, could you please call us at 802-254-2495 so we can have them back? We would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Ellen Dudley and Tony Gordon

Marlboro, July 27

Not on my ridgeline

Editor of the Reformer:

On the subject of industrial wind turbines in Vermont, Senator Jeanette White was quoted in last Saturday’s Reformer as stating, "that some ridgelines may have to be sacrificed." As someone who has voted for Senator White in the past, and one who lives on the front lines of the latest attempt to desecrate our common heritage, (The Green Mountains), I will be sending her a message on election day by voting for her opponents. If you live in Windham County and wish to protect and preserve these beautiful mountains, (not to mention, your property values), I suggest you send Senator White the same message.

I feel blessed to live in a state where citizen legislators work collegially across party lines to find solutions to some very difficult and complicated issues. While I applaud their good intentions, to date, our governor and legislators have failed miserably to hear the growing chorus opposing some very misguided renewable energy projects. Like most Vermonters, I support the state’s basic desire to move away from fossil fuels towards renewables; that is a laudable and prudent goal. That being said, projects that promote 400-foot-tall wind towers and thousands of tons of concrete on our mountaintops, or allow private corporations to drill under Lake Champlain, are bad public policy and will not be tolerated. These activities willed be banned in the very near future. If our leaders fail to heed this call, we will elect new leaders. Governor Shumlin ... are you listening? I don’t think you are.

David Stone,

Grafton, July 27

Reformer, where is
your head?

Editor of the Reformer:

I was discouraged to read your gloomy perspective on recent Brattleboro Town issues ("City of Indecision," July 26), despite the obvious improvement in mood and effectiveness evident to most townspeople. You managed to describe the situation in the worst possible light; neglecting to mention that all of these items are well on their way to resolutions developed with extensive citizen and Town employee involvement (you can add paving Western Avenue to the list).

My dad used to say that, sometimes when things seem dark and gloomy, it’s because your head is stuck where the sun don’t shine.

David Schoales,

Brattleboro, July 26


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