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Talking trash

Editor of the Reformer:

I am a resident of Guilford and have been for more than 40 years. Trash removal has certainly evolved in all my years and thankfully recycling has become the norm. I have utilized all the public recycling centers available throughout the years, which began with the "igloos."

I am very concerned that the town of Guilford has removed their site for recycling, and it appears negligent to me. When I visit the website hosted by our Windham County trash recycling information, I see all the towns in Windham County appear to offer those public-access bins which are usually located on town property such as in Putney at the fire station.

Guilford has nothing now and appears to claim a wait-and-see strategy regarding the Vermont changes in 2015. Yes, one can go to another town, but is that appropriate or even legal for a town municipality to shrug off onto another town any civic and environmental responsibility?

The state is hosting this new and great web-map for recycling locations (food compost oriented at present); meanwhile town municipalities are shirking responsibilities.

Susan Arnold,

Guilford, July 18

Co-op concerns

Editor of the Reformer:

I am saddened to see that two excellent board members of the Brattleboro Food Co-op were forced to resign for listening to the workers.

When I was on the board of the New England Soy Dairy, our general manager made a point of walking through the production area every day, and speaking with each of the workers. The workers felt understood, the manager was in touch with the workers, and any problems were quickly defused.

Contrast this with the Co-op’s managerial style: an autocratic management system, and an under-informed puppet board that is legally prevented from talking or listening to the workers. It is it no wonder that the workers voted to unionize.

Harry Saxman,

Guilford, July 21

Kudos on editorial

Editor of the Reformer:

Your editorial about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict ("Is it apartheid?" July 17) was absolutely superb and will presumably not make you many friends.

Let me make two comments. First, as Noam Chomsky pointed out in a recent article in The Nation, the Israeli occupation of Palestine is actually worse than apartheid was in South Africa. The white nationalists, writes Chiomsky, "needed the black population: it was the country’s workforce." So despite all the suppression meted out to the black majority, the white government devoted some resources to the development of the black areas, the bantustans. "In sharp contrast," wrote Chomsky, "Israel wants to rid itself of the Palestinian burden. The road ahead is not toward South Africa ... but toward something much worse."

Second, you failed to point out that the United States, both under Republican and Democratic administrations, has been a staunch supporter of Israel. Without this U.S. support, Israel could not have pursued its illegal occupation and suppression of the Palestinian people. The U.S. provides Israel with more than $3 billion in military aid every year in addition to economic aid, and it protects Israel in the United Nations at every turn. The U.S. is clearly complicit in Israel’s grave abuse and suppression of the Palestinian people.

Reto Pieth,

Grafton, July 18


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