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How about
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Editor of the Reformer:

In an unusually cheerful issue of the Reformer containing many relevant stories (July 7), the editorial staff gave a quarter of a page to a person named Paul Wiseman, from the Associated Press, who presents merry claptrap about the burgeoning U.S. economy that nowhere mentions how actual Americans are doing ("What’s making U.S. economy a world beater?"). We hear instead about five things that make the U.S. great: The central bank, other banks, a "flexible economy" that isn’t afraid to cut pay and benefits in order to sustain profits, and a "roaring" stock market.

How do these money factors increase the well being of ordinary people? Mr. Wiseman does not say.

Mimi Morton,

Guilford, July 8

Regarding recent Gun Sense editorial

Editor of the Reformer:

Thank you so much for the supportive editorial about Gun Sense Vermont’s advocacy work ("Vermont needs common sense gun control," July 5-6). You laid out the rationale so well. What a fabulous thing to wake up to.

Just as a note of clarification, in the second to last paragraph, you list a number of measures that you support and include the fact that Gun Sense Vermont supports them, as well. However, several of those issues go beyond the boundaries of our organization. Our mission is focused specifically on keeping guns out of the wrong hands, so measures about what kind of guns responsible people can buy (whether assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, etc.) are measures that fall outside our advocacy work. We are strongly in support of requiring criminal background checks on all gun sales and requiring that critical public mental health is entered into the check system, and that is solely where our focus lies.

Thank you so much for the sentiment expressed in the editorial

Ann Braden,

Gun Sense Vermont, Brattleboro, July 7

Soaring costs

Editor of the Reformer:

Taxpayers of Westminster take heed. I have a feeling we got deceived again this evening.

It looks like the Selectboard is going to agree with the heads full of mush, regarding more taxes for us to pay with respect to the lighting at Hadley Field, as their knees buckle under the pressure of the school administration and the advocates for concussion sports.

Taxpayers be damned as the costs of sports soar in our schools.

Christian Blake,

Westminster, July 7


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