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Nothing but contempt

Editor of the Reformer:

I hold the U.S. Supreme Court in contempt. This bunch of elite intellectuals has the nerve to take off four months from the last day of June to the first Monday in October working under the motto "Equal Justice Under the Law."

Too many of these black-robed members of the ruling class wouldn’t know justice if it bit them on the butt. At times their reasoning appears that of another group of small-minded men who wear white robes. Too often, by a vote of 5-to-4, they make black white and white black as they clearly demonstrate that law is the handmaiden of economic power.

When "The Chief Justice" said that unlimited political contributions was only showing "gratitude," I picked up "The Synonym Finder," which listed gratitude’s synonyms: thankfulness, beholdenness, feeling of obligatedness just to name a few. Looking up "bribe" I found, among others, reward, gift, hush money, corrupt money, graft, gratuity.

In "The Nine -- Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court," by Jeffrey Toobin, it is disclosed that one of the justices admitted that the Bush v. Gore decision was political and not legal. And the rest is history.

Their latest demonstration of just how out of touch they are in their ivory tower is in affirming corporations are people and your boss’ religion can effect your reproductive health. Whatever happened to separation of church and state?

Government supports religion by giving tax-free status and allowing tax deductions for their support. After the election, did Romney amend his 2011 tax return taking the religious deduction dropping his effective tax rate under 14 percent? Isn’t he in a 33 percent bracket? You can only shelter income if you have a lot of it.

The motto over the Supreme Court should be changed to reflect the reality of the 21st Century: "All the Justice You Can Afford."

Citizens United: Money talks and Justice walks away with gratitude. It no longer surprises me that known fraud is entitled to full faith and credit.

Dean Lynch,

Westminster West, July 2

Nourish the inner self

Editor of the Reformer:

Modern human beings have time for everything, but not for their inner being and its care. Day after day, man devotes himself to 1,000 jobs and businesses, without ever thinking of his inner self. When you look inside yourself, you will find two strong powers. One is the basic will to live and the other is spiritual will. The more man cares about his spiritual will, the more his inner self will get strong for his being, and its sense to live, and his sense and value of his doing. The most important thing of life is the culture of the soul, the inner values.

Hanne Steinmeyer,

Vernon, July 2

My thoughts exactly

Editor of the Reformer:

A recent letter to the editor ("If I could rewrite the Second Amendment," June 20) voiced my sentiments exactly. The Second Amendment should be revised. It is long out of date and only applicable to the late 1770s, not today.

How do you think men with handguns and rifles would stand against an enemy with tanks, machine guns, air strikes and cannon fire? No contest. Everyone knows this, but we do nothing about it because the National Rifle Association has tons of money to bribe the politicians to take a stand against the majority of the people who don’t own guns. The members of the NRA don’t understand the horrors of war. I am a veteran of World War II, by the way.

Thank you to the letter writer for voicing your opinion. I have great hope and admiration for the youth of today.

Bob Merz,

Brattleboro, July 2


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