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Support families for better outcomes

Editor of the Reformer:

I enthusiastically agree with the points raised by Matt Levin ("Pre-K access benefits us all", June 23, 2014). Quality early education is a critical part of children having what they need to develop optimally.

However, this is just one piece of the puzzle. Another important component is families. We need to build capacity in families; helping them understand the importance of the earliest years of their child’s life, and supporting their development as parents. This means working to support stable housing, having enough food and accessing health care, as well as providing resources and information about their children’s developmental needs.

As we continue to develop a cohesive system of early childhood services and support, we must also pay equal attention to family development.

Chloe Learey,

executive director,

The Winston L. Prouty Center,

Brattleboro, June 27

Be wary of
lawn signs

Editor of the Reformer:

I am running for Assistant judge in Windham county as well as two others for this position as Democrats. You have seen my signs asking you to vote for me, (Paul Kane, PK) and help place me in this position. You may also have seen: re-elect Patricia Duff and Lamont Barnett. I find signs like this confusing. This is a "Coat Tail" sign used forever in politics. These signs are used to help candidates who may be new to politics or using a well known area politician to give yourself recognition in their areas.

I think that my name and reputation are well known, as well as Mr. Barnett’s, in Rockingham/Bellows Falls and Westminster. I am afraid those in Brattleboro and other towns in Windham county may not be as familiar with us.

The problem I have is that the signs make it look as if two candidates are running as a team. I have been confused in the past and not sure if I had to vote for both candidates, to cast one for my choice. You do not. You can vote for one candidate no matter what signs state.

Patricia Duff is a well known and well respected assistant judge, (and resident) of our county. She is in fact running for re-election but Mr. Lamont is not. He was not elected to this position. He was appointed to fill a vacated position by the Governor until an election. This may seem innocuous but it could change the playing field outside Rockingham/Bellows Falls. I am looking for voters to research each candidate’s experience, education and qualifications for the job.

Again, please understand that a sign with two names does not mean vote for both. You have a choice. I am asking you to use that choice. Questions and/or statements welcome to pk2506@comcast.net

Paul Kane,

Westminster Station, June 30

Just say ‘No’ to no EPZ

Editor of the Reformer:

Entergy wants to end the system of sirens, free "tone alert radios" and automated phone calls in case of a nuclear emergency for people within 10 miles of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant in Vernon. Thanks to a protest movement in the Brattleboro area that saw thousands march and hundreds arrested for non-violent, civil disobedience, the 42-year-old reactor will close permanently in December.

But when Vermont Yankee closes, its 530 or so tons of nuclear waste will remain on site. The waste is the deadliest material on earth. According to the federal government, the waste will still be toxic one million years from now. Most of the waste at Vermont Yankee is in a water-filled pool seven stories above ground. If the water leaks out of the pool, the waste will catch fire, leak radioactivity into the atmosphere and will kill thousands of people, according to a report to Congress by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

"We think this is a terrible idea," Michael Mariotte told me about Entergy’s plan. He works for nirs.org.

Entergy wants to end the emergency alert system 16 months after Vermont Yankee closes.

Among the groups fighting Entergy’s plan is NukeBusters.org. They need our support. If they lose this fight, we must ask our members of Congress to have the federal government pay to continue the emergency alert system for people in Brattleboro and the other towns within 10 miles of Vermont Yankee. If that is unsuccessful, we must lobby Governor Shumlin and our state legislators to have the state pay for this. As a last resort, the towns will have to pay to do this.

Eesha Williams,

Dummerston, June 30


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