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Support for Peyton

Editor of the Reformer:

I take issue with the opinion expressed in Richard Davis’s column ("The Race Is On," June 18) -- that "There is really only one real race at the top of the state ticket, for the office of Lieutenant Governor." This statement and his assessment that other candidates for other offices "... will not be a deciding factor," and ".. it is highly unlikely they will win ..." is a real blow to our democratic process. It is a challenge to our process when citizens take the time and effort to collect the signatures required to be a candidate and put themselves and their positions on public policy out for everyone else to dissect only to have others suggest that they not waste their effort, pack up their tent and go home. It would be a breath of fresh air to have "the press" and "political commentators" encourage the public to take some of their valuable time to actually listen to what all the candidates have to offer. It is a travesty when the media are allowed to pick and choose which candidates they allow to debate for public offices and control the amount of space or time given to the individual candidates. How can we allow this type of censorship to continue? Is it any wonder why so many of our citizens have a distaste for the election season?

Richard does attempt to redeem himself at the end of his column where he states, "I am sure all of the candidates have the potential to do an excellent job. The coming election will provide a healthy forum for the exchange of ideas among a field of well-qualified individuals." This, however, seems totally incongruent with the rest of the column.

Going back to the "Race at The Top" for governor, there are six candidates on the ballot. I feel I am able to comment on one of them, Emily Peyton. I am Emily’s partner and we are members of Hempfully Green! I have come to know Emily quite well and find her ideas refreshing. She has been financing this campaign, as well as past campaigns, out of her own pocket. She has been advocating for a state bank for several years. She has called out our current judicial system for what it is, a for-profit corporation with little interest in justice and rehabilitation. She has been an advocate for restoring our family farms and a healthier lifestyle for all of us. She has pledged 100 percent of her time and resources to working with our communities to solve all of the current challenges that we face, not raising money for the political process.

I encourage everyone to listen to her proposed solutions and provide feedback. We have to work together to leave Vermont a better place for future generations. Emily can be reached at 802-579-5524 or emilypeyton2012@gmail.com or www.emilypeyton.org.

Tom Simon,

Putney, June 24

‘Know when
to quit!’

Editor of the Reformer:

I am sick and tired of Iraq. I have been sick of it since the first day that George W. Bush thought he was smarter than his father, who was a better president and man -- he knew war.

In 2005, I was reading a novel called Vanishing Point copyright 1996 by a British author set in the Gulf War. He spent three pages explaining the wisdom of George Herbert Walker Bush in not going into Baghdad and deposing Saddam Hussein: destabilize the Middle East, neutralize Iran etc. In short he predicted exactly what has happened since Saddam was removed: a situation exactly like Vietnam: a war we couldn’t win; a collapse of the government left behind. Father George knew best: know when to quit.

Is it déjà vu all over again? Send in 300 "advisors" and ....

What does the president do when 10 of the "advisors" are killed?

Dominos anyone?

Know when to quit; get the U.S.completely out of Iraq.

Dean Lynch,

Westminster West, June 26


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