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The community deserves thanks for helping us find our daughter

Editor of the Reformer:

My family is deeply grateful for the support the town of Brattleboro provided when our daughter went missing during this past week. And when we say the town, we mean friends, the school community, concerned townspeople, and the Brattleboro Police department. The skills and professionalism of the school staff and the police department have in our small town are both astounding and invaluable. In particular, we would like to thank Ingrid Chrisco, principal of Brattleboro Area Middle School, Lauren Petrie, school counselor, Kristin Neuf, the police department’s social worker, and Detective John Griffus. They were caring, insightful, honest, and diligent. We can’t thank anyone nearly enough, but our daughter is home safe and sound in large part because of their work. We are indeed fortunate to live in Brattleboro.

Peter Yost,

Brattleboro, June 20

What are they
not telling us?

Editor of the Reformer:

Goshdurn, I fear there may be disaster afoot. When was the last time Vermont Yankee stayed outta the news for this long? It’s got me worked up I’ll tell ya. Bulllish this, economic that ... but VY is still made of old machines and old engineering. Someone is telling me that the nuclear reactor six miles from my home keeps running after having had so many managerial screw-ups in the past few years and now nothing is happening down there? What are we not being told?

Remember how last year that pipe bomb stunt didn’t hit the news until many months later, actually this year? So does Entergy intend to not file with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission until nearly the latest possible time to avoid community relations.

Please remember Entergy won when it did what its lawyers promised it would not do: Entergy sued the state of Vermont in federal court using the field pre-emption argument, after promising it would honor the state Public Service Board on VY-related issues. Entergy did not win such that the state of Vermont would pay Entergy’s attorney fees. I heard Entergy spent $80 million dollars fighting the state of Vermont in courts. Then they claim the reactor is not making enough money.

I honor the workers as our true first responders, wish them well and apologize for the antics of the company that treats them poorly.

Gary Sachs,

Brattleboro, June 20


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