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It’s time for Vermont
to invest in hemp

Editor of the Reformer:

As a lifetime Vermont resident with three teenage children, it is time for Vermont to use $5.3 million to invest in private companies to build the largest marijuana greenhouse and to help produce the largest hemp farms in the world. Vermont is known to have some of the best marijuana on the East Coast, millions of dollars go towards illegal sales each year, tax free.

Recent polls show that 57.2 percent of Vermonters favor legalizing and taxing marijuana; politicians should let the people know where it is that they stand. An estimated $8.2 billion will be spent on marijuana by the year 2018. By 2015, Colorado expects an incoming $1 billion in sales. Yes, this is a drug we are discussing, but we must remember the medical benefits surrounding this drug.

As a voter, I respectfully disagree with the police association considering marijuana as a gateway drug. There is no concrete scientific evidence proving marijuana is a gateway drug. Remember, this is entirely a money game. Let the voters decide. The revenue from a low tax could do so much good for the people of the state -- quality full-time greenhouse workers (including benefits), seasonal hemp farmers. In today’s society, an individual must earn at least $18.63 hourly in order to provide for themselves in Vermont. The middle class in Vermont needs jobs.

Marijuana has been known to kill certain cancers in rats. Why not allow this research on humans? It is a disgrace for this state to participate in private prisons for profit. Release all inmates in the United States who are doing time for the use of marijuana. Billions of dollars could be saved. Job creation, not incarceration, is how you fight crime. Remember, keeping people in poverty is the real crime. The revolution has started.

Paul Reis,

Bellows Falls, June 4

On news coverage

Editor of the Reformer:

When I picked up the newspaper this morning (June 3), I looked for the story about the Representative Town Meeting that took place last night. Alas, like so much of the "news" the paper offers, there was nothing there.

I suggest the Reformer consider its banner to read: "The Brattleboro Reformer. Yesterday’s News Tomorrow."

Bob Fagelson,

Brattleboro, June 3

Editor’s note: Unfortunately, due to many factors (including print and press deadlines), sometimes news cannot make it into the next day’s newspaper. However, given today’s technological advances (which we try to embrace in all aspects of our work), we were able to not only provide live, continuing coverage from Monday night’s meeting, online, as it was happening, but publish a full story on Reformer.com just minutes after its completion. (Of course, the story still appeared in print as soon as was possible.) While I certainly recognize the frustration this can cause our print readers, I also recognize the newsroom does the best it can with the tools it has.


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