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Re-thinking wind power

Editor of the Reformer:

I was very interested to read in the VTDigger article by John Herrick "Electricity Supplier Won’t Buy Vermont Renewable Energy Credits" (Wednesday, May 21, Reformer). The article quotes Lyndon State College physics professor Ben Luce, who is highly critical of Vermont’s unique practice of double counting Renewable Energy Credits. I urge the Reformer to run the May 21 VTDigger article by Professor Luce: "Vermont’s REC Shell Game." It places this issue in a larger context.

I was also interested to see in the May 28 Reformer a small AP article on the abandonment of a major commercial wind power project in New Hampshire by Iberdola Renewables, the Spanish company proposing to build a large wind power project in Windham County. A fuller account of this New Hampshire event, including the Iberdola mindset, is available in an article from the Manchester Union Leader. [Editor’s note: We ran a full story the Windham meeting in the Thursday, May 29, edition.]

It is rather surprising, and encouraging, to learn from this case, and others in New Hampshire, that New Hampshire seems to have a more inclusive, perceptive, and effective way of evaluating industrial wind power proposals than supposedly democratic, community friendly, and environmentally conscious Vermont.

Michael Boylen,

Marlboro, May 29

‘When will you stand?’

Editor of the Reformer:

Where I came from, Pueblo Indian territory in New Mexico, governance is based on integrity and the inherent value of each individual of the community, equal value. Not like here in Brattleboro where many of your people are discounted, devalued or dismissed.

The Indian Way considers the truth, the ideas, the contributions of all in order to arrive at a wise solution to any given challenge or set of circumstances. This current representative democracy in Brattleboro does not seem to work for you all, does it? The majority are left outside the small circle of influence, it seems.

The elected ones here seem to become the bosses rather than the servants of the people they supposedly serve. This town budget discussion has had many voices of the greater community singing the same song and yet the elected ones seem to have clogged ears and blinded eyes, unable or unwilling to hear or see the truth that is presented them. When the elected ones choose to ignore the song of the people and go their own way, a different way entirely, it foretells a bad time is coming.

How can a community, a village, a family survive when only a few are considered worthy enough to be listened to? Worthy enough to speak? All have something to teach; all have something to learn.

The Selectboard and interim Town Manager ignore the town’s needs and voters’ wishes while they pretend to sing the songs of "democracy" and "we work so hard for the good of the town." It is all a lie. Without ears to hear the song of the people, these ones cannot possibly succeed. They do not even call a council meeting of all the department heads to talk together with one purpose. How can anything of value be accomplished without coming together as one?

Separation and division -- and secrecy -- all lead to death and destruction.

The people of the town have spoken as one, but the Selectboard refused to listen. They whisper among themselves when the people speak. How can they hear? What will happen now? Will the representatives at Town Meeting refuse to listen as well? Or will the representatives follow the will of the people as they should? Will they reject the budget just as -- and because -- the voters did in order to guide the town to returning health and life and viability? Restraint is called for at this time. Voters are watching: what will they do? Will they rise up and take back their power? Will the voters take responsibility for their own future? What an interesting time this is.

A true warrior, male or female, is a person of integrity who stands for truth and justice and for those who cannot defend themselves. Who is the true warrior among you? Is it you?

When will you stand? What if now is the only chance you have? Now is the moment of truth. Who are you, really?

Maah Li,

Brattleboro, May 27


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