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Let us decide
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Editor of the Reformer:

I thought it important to comment on a recent article ("Genetically modified foods confuse consumers," May 12). There was important information about GMOs that was missing. First: comparing the technique of inserting DNA into an organism, with the natural process of breeding dogs or plants is disingenuous. The genes used in GMOs are from unrelated species that could not mate. Also, GMO genes are finding their way into the natural world: genes that allow say, corn to be resistant to Round-Up are creating weeds that are also resistant. Besides, the increased use of pesticides harms people and the environment. Any time an industry stands to make money off of a product, we must be skeptical when they assure us it is safe. There have been far too many times we have seen this before -- tobacco, hormone replacement therapy, radiation. We do not yet use the Precautionary Principle in the US -- that is, an industry must prove something safe before it is introduced -- and therefore it is important we know what is in our food, so we can decide for ourselves.

Rebecca Jones,

Brattleboro, May 14

Nothing fast about my ‘broadband’

Editor of the Reformer:

The glowing article on Page 7 of the May 13 Reformer about Fairpoint "expanding" its "broadband" network to Wilmington -- admittedly, nothing more than a Fairpoint press release -- needs a dose of salt. Wilmington may fare better than some rural locations, such as our Guilford neighborhood, but residents there should sign up for this service with caution, especially given the company’s claim that subscribers might enjoy speeds up to 15 mbps. The reality for our neighborhood is that while paying the premium price for Fairpoint DSL, we have internet service that ranges from blackouts to a crawl, which mocks the term "broadband" to an occasional good stretch where we test at about 2.8 mbps. Again, that’s on a good day, or at a good time of day. That’s download speed by the way. Upload is generally less than 1 mbps. The service technicians do their best, but of course they continue to be hampered by the fact that Fairpoint, noted for the fact that it went through bankruptcy right after our state regulators foolishly allowed them to displace Verizon as our local landline company, is simply not equipped to provide 21st century internet service.

Don McLean,

Guilford, May 14

Support McAuliffe

Editor of the Reformer:

I confidently recommend Nancy McAuliffe for the position of village president and Evelyn Weeks and Sanford Martin for the position of village trustee. I believe it is time for a change. These three will listen and be the voice of the people.

I have been a trustee for nearly 11 years. I have always tried to listen and be respectful to the voters of Bellows Falls. I would like to see that same respect continue in the years to come. All three of these people are taxpayers and are long standing citizens in the community and I’m confident they will lead us in a positive direction.

I would also like to take this time to thank the voters of Bellows Falls for all the years of support.

Roger Riccio,

Bellows Falls, May 14


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