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Smith on candidacy

Editor of the Reformer:

If you are a Bellows Falls voter who voted this past March then you only partly met your responsibility. On May 20 please return to the polls at the Masonic Temple at 61 Westminster Street from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. BF voters will be electing a village president, two trustees, one moderator, a town clerk, a treasurer and three Auditors.

I am running for Bellows Falls Village President. I’ve served for the past two years as a village trustee. This period of service followed many years of committee work and frequent village meeting attendance. I’m now asking voters for the opportunity to serve as village president and chair efficient and civilized meetings that will encourage public attendance. I’ll work to assure transparency of the board’s challenging work ahead. I also look forward to continuing the excellent and long-standing relationship that our village currently has with the town.

To help me serve the citizens of our village, I’m also asking voters to join me in re-electing Village Trustee Stefan Golec. The village’s governing board needs a president and trustees that understand and value our village -- and know how to listen to questions and concerns. I can be phoned at 802-460-1163. Please vote May 20 for Smith as your next village president.

Andrew Smith,

Bellows Falls, May 13

Wright on board decision

Editor of the Reformer:

It is clear that Mr Clift, in his recent letter ("Reflecting on former RFPL director’s dismissal," May 2), fails to understand the meaning of the word "refute." It is to prove by evidence or argument to the contrary. Just to say, "No, I didn’t," is neither proof nor evidence. His imagining that these insubordinate acts did not happen or were effectively argued against is erroneous and serves only to cloud an uncomfortable memory.

Much time and effort in uncovering and documenting the facts was required last year. None wish more than I that it had not been so. The actions of the ex-director necessitated the effort, and steps to correct the behavior failed, leading to the final action of the board. The appeal hearings brought nothing new to light to change that action. In fact, it was later discovered that more information was disguised than revealed at the hearings. But that is a discussion for another day.

Yes, it is true that I was not re-elected. Understandably so, as I was simply a necessary instrument in an uncomfortable position at a tumultuous time for the library(people will always prefer a band-aid over a scalpel). Everyone wishes it had not happened, including myself, but boards cannot be subservient to the personnel they employ, therefore corrective action was necessary. Policies are in place to protect boards from wrongdoing and they must utilize them when situations demand it.

Deborah Wright,

Bellows Falls, May 2


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