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Who is controlling
the weather?

Editor of the Reformer:

I’m currently reading "Poison Spring: The Secret History of Pollution and the EPA" by E.G. Vallianatos, who worked at the EPA for 25 years. Vallianatos exposes how the EPA has always done the bidding of industry since it was formed in 1970, when 80 percent of its founding scientists moved over from the USDA, where they had done so comfortably. Vallianatos reports how the EPA does little to nothing with regards to protecting land and people from the adverse effects of chemicals. Ultimately, the agency works to aid and protect polluters and it always has.

Reading this book, it’s unimaginable that anyone in our Congress or Senate has any real regard for the environment or the survival of this planet.

My own research has led me to believe that the whole climate change/global warming conversation is a carefully constructed one that benefits the Full-Spectrum Dominance crowd immensely. Think about who funds scientific research for the most part -- corporations and militaries. Our country is dominated by the military-industrial complex, security companies, and intelligence agencies. Our DoD funds a huge amount of scientific research. They are not funding research that does not further their interests. Period. While taxpayers foot the bill, we may never know what has been classified and hidden in black budgets.

If this full-spectrum crowd can get us all screaming, "Save us from the terrible weather," then they can take advantage of a huge loophole in the Environmental Modification Treaty to pursue any offensive space weapons that they want.

I’ve been wondering recently if the massive increase in weather radar on this planet -- which doesn’t seem to help accurately predict the weather -- might actually be pumping up the energy of storm systems, since water molecules resonate at microwave frequencies. Bernard Eastlund’s patent "Cosmic particle ignition of artificially ionized plasma patterns in the atmosphere" is worth taking a look at in this regard. Eastlund describes a mobile array of trucks equipped with off-the-shelf microwave devices that could "deposit energy in the air in localized regions and ... influence wind speed and direction," as well as "manipulate the electrical forces in the weather pattern." Eastlund also imagines the system mounted on ocean buoys. I wonder if the CASA radar network or the CIRPAS Weather Radar Project could be covers for such a system. Additionally, "NOAA’s doppler radar stations send out multiple radar beams that slice through the atmosphere at varying angles," creating three-dimensional pictures of storms.

Would the Pentagon use weather modification technology here if they had it? Don’t forget: they have a long history of testing weapons on our own soil and on our own soldiers before deploying those weapons on the battlefield.

Jacqueline Brook,

Putney, May 6

On Vernon’s
policing issues

Editor of the Reformer:

"Informed citizens deciding democratically" is my credo as an active Town Meeting participant.

Though I voted for the Vernon Police Department, I am glad that a clear majority of Vernon voters present at special town meeting chose by whom and how much local policing and law enforcement from July first.

In Vernon’s new era of budgetary restraint, Windham County Sheriff Keith Clark prevailed on annual cost.

The Vernon Police Department have exemplarily protected and served Vernon, in which they all can take pride, now and always.

Howard Fairman,

Vernon, May 8

Library corruption?

Editor of the Reformer:

It’s hard to believe Lord John Acton didn’t have a certain Vermont library board of trustees majority in mind when he wrote more than a hundred years ago: "Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Bob Wilson,

Saxtons River, May 8

What apology?

Editor of the Reformer:

Chip Stearns "apology," which he disavows having created and says does not represent his words is no apology at all. If he truly wishes to serve all members of his community, he will categorically apologize for his offensive words that stated an intent to drive "Latinos" from his community through the use of a police K9 unit.

The failure of the Bellows Falls Board of Trustees to hold Stearns accountable in any meaningful way signals that it will accept a village in which Latino citizens and visitors are second class. Instead, the Trustees should demand a true apology in Stearns’ own words that clearly disavows his offensive statement.

Finally, the Trustees should not blindly accept Stearns’ statement that he misspoke and instead meant to refer to a street gang that "he believes" is active in the area. The Trustees should demand evidence that there is a street gang issue in order to ensure that Stearns’ defense is not simply made up after-the-fact to justify his offensive remarks.

The people of Bellows Falls deserve an inclusive community that does not condone discrimination and prejudice. This is especially true of offensive beliefs or actions that are cloaked in government policy.

Mark Loevy-Reyes,

Bellows Falls, May 8

Martin on candidacy

Editor of the Reformer:

Bellows Falls captured my attention and my heart in 1992.The woman I would eventually marry introduced me to her family, friends, music venues and the natural beauty here. We bought our home in Bellows Falls in 2004 and I have come to love the village and surrounding area even more. The many friends we have made here have been very good to us and now it is time for me to give something back. I would like to give of my time and talents to enhance the quality of life in Bellows Falls by serving a term on the Bellows Falls Village Board of Trustees.

My 30-year career in credit management has given me insight into what it takes to control finances, evaluate personnel performance and negotiate acceptable settlements. Given the opportunity by the voters of Bellows Falls, I will serve thoughtfully and respectfully and listen carefully to all. Please vote at the Masonic Lodge in Bellows Falls on May 20.

Sanford "Sandy" Martin,

Bellows Falls, May 12


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