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Please help a former Vernon resident

Editor of the Reformer:

My son, Kevin Jay McCollin, formerly of Newton Road in Vernon, born in Brattleboro, attended Vermont Elementary School and Brattleboro Area Middle School and graduated from Brattleboro Union High School in 1987, before enlisting in the U.S. Army.

On Feb. 26, Kevin and his wife, DeDe, were involved in a two-car accident in Utah, resulting in the death of DeDe, and two people in the second car. Kevin is now confined to a wheelchair due to the severe spinal injury related to the accident. Kevin’s daughter, McKenzie, was ejected from the vehicle, sustaining a minor arm and neck injury. She has fully recovered.

Kevin is the EMS Chief of the U.S. Army’s Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, where he resides with McKenzie and his son, Hunter. Kevin is currently at the Veterans Hospital in Salt Lake City, undergoing rehab connected to his injuries.

Kevin’s parents are Ian and Eve McCollin, formerly of Vernon. Having retired as Vernon Police Chief in 2005, they now reside in San Antonio, Texas.

A McCollin Family memorial fund has been set up at River Valley Credit Union for anyone who wishes to make a contribution in DeDe’s memory. Donations, which will be greatly appreciated by the family and will be used to offset expenses, may be made c/o Karen Cedergren at any River Valley Credit Union branch office.

Ian McCollin,

San Antonio, Texas, April 29

Spring and the great unveiling

Editor of the Reformer:

Ah, spring! The beauty of renewed life and the gifts of Mother Nature. Ah, spring, and the trash of humans. Green-Up Vermont always brings me to the brink of despondency regarding the future of the human race. Do the people who throw beer cans and bottles, plastic bottles of anything and everything, cigarette boxes, Styrofoam containers, and a variety of other items too long to list onto our roadways and into our woods and fields think that the planet will continue to sustain their lives if they continue to trash it? The behavior highlights a pattern of destructive consumerism.

We are completely and utterly dependent on the Earth for our existence. Polluting it in the myriad ways that humans do, will eventually make it uninhabitable for us. Is that not obvious to even the stupidest of humans? When I see the discarded vehicles, the piles of trash and litter here in one of the cleanest states in the U.S., I despair for the nation. My only hope is that our educational system is catching up in the teaching of ecology and environmental studies so that the next generation will behave more consciously. I hope it will not be too late for the human race.

Judith Petry,

Westminster, April 29

Editorial was arrogant, appalling

Editor of the Reformer:

I was startled to find this gem in the penultimate paragraph of your death penalty editorial (May 1):

"... if, as we profess to be, are a true Christian nature (sic), forgiveness seems to preclude ending a life ..."

While it is arrogant in the extreme to suggest that one would need to be Christian to find the death penalty unacceptable, it is even more aggravating to find the Reformer referring to the United States as "a Christian nation." We are not, regardless of how Fox News might like to play it, a "Christian Nation." The U.S. Constitution expressly forbids such an establishment of religion and I am appalled you need to be reminded of it.

Daniel Kinoy,

Williamsville, May 1


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