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Don’t take away local control of our schools

Editor of the Reformer:

The Putney Town School Board has serious reservations regarding H.883. We are concerned for a variety of reasons, principally the lack of data supporting the contentions regarding economic, governance, and academic efficiencies.

The current school funding formula is at the core of this issue, and to state otherwise is disingenuous. For example, this bill makes no distinction between the different types and sizes of school districts across the state. While we certainly support any changes that improve student learning at a reasonable and sustainable cost, we are concerned that this bill virtually guarantees a substantial decrease in local control over budgets and policy, a trusted Vermont tradition.

At this time we urge the Legislature to direct an independent analysis of all claims made as the foundation of H833, and to reserve final judgment until such time as all parties involved have had a chance to have their voices heard.

Alice Laughlin, Dylan Devlin, Anne Beekman, Richard Glejzer and Stephen Bouch,

Putney School Board, April 10

An overactive imagination?

Editor of the Reformer:

I have to admire a recent letter writer ("On Shumlin, healthcare," April 8) for his creative and rampant imagination with regards to the governor’s future plans, farfetched as they may be.

I do not doubt that the writer enjoys the benefits of Medicare and has no problem with that program although (and here I use my own imagination) I suspect he would have fought against that program in the 1960s when it became law.

I support the Affordable Care Act, but it falls far short of the ease and efficiency of Medicare which is, in fact, a single payer system. The governor’s efforts in promoting a single payer system would, in aggregate, reduce overall spending on health care. The billions the writer quotes are scary and should be, but those are the billions that are being spent right now -- imagine that. This state is working hard to develop a program that would be comprehensive, fair, and provide health care to every one of our citizens. That is what the real world should look like and hopefully will in spite of the scare tactics promoted by scurrilous letters such as the writer’s.

Toby Young,

Westminster West, April 14

Bring back Page 2

Editor of the Reformer:

What happened to page 2? To the almost always interesting and sometimes gripping picture from around the world on it? To the practical and convenient news summary on it? Even to the gossip news that often featured people I never heard of but that other readers found doubtless intriguing? Please bring back page 2 as it was. If taking it away was somebody’s idea of saving money, it backfired. Page 2 made the paper lively. Keep it that way.

Reto Pieth,

Grafton, April 16


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