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We need more coffee in
our politics

Editor of the Reformer:

I would like to comment on the "Tea" party and its leader John Boehner ...

This guy is against everything that would help ordinary Main Street Americans.

-- No taxes on the rich.

-- Decrease all benefits for the middle class (Oh, I forgot, the Tea Party has successfully gotten rid of those pesky middle class bad people) and the poorest of the poor.

-- End help for our children trying to make a better life, by making college so expensive that they will be paying off student loans well into their 40s, or maybe 50s.

-- Getting rid of Head Start programs and taking (literally) food from the mouths of children by voting to get rid of breakfast and lunch programs.

And the latest: Even though the Senate (and our own Pat Leahy and Bernie Sanders) voted to get a bill supporting discrimination against gay and lesbians in the work place illegal, John Boehner said (and I quote) "would not even get voted on in the house."

In conclusion I would like to start the "Coffee Party," which would be to vote against every Republican supporting the Tea Party in the next election. Get them and the GOP out of office and for good.

Martin D. Bittner,

Brattleboro, Nov. 29

Recent article sparks concern Editor of the Reformer:

After reading your article ("SIT student claims he was profiled at local market," Nov. 26) I am very upset at the way Hannaford handled their suspicion of theft. If this had happened to me I would fully expect to be asked for my receipt.

If the police followed me home, without asking for my receipt I would be more than upset. I plan on stopping in and speaking with the manager to share my concern.

David White,

Putney, Nov. 25

Support the Latchis, buy a raffle ticket

Editor of the Reformer:

Latchis Arts is excited to share the good news that the Campaign for The Heavens and The Earth has reached its goal. This is a big accomplishment for our small town, with most of the funding coming from right here at home. Congratulations to us all! The restoration has been getting rave reviews. If you haven’t been in yet, come on down.

Now Latchis Arts asks you to share in our newest experiment, an online raffle. From Dec. 5-15, you can enter to win two tickets donated by Putnam Insurance Agency to a New England Patriots home football game, a $190 value. Cheer as the Patriots take on Buffalo, Dec. 29, at Gillette Stadium. Each chance costs $10 at latchisarts.org. Purchase as many chances as you wish. The drawing will take place on Dec. 16 during Nowell Sing We Clear at the Latchis. Proceeds will help pay for the new lights designed to show off the murals in the theater, an add-on to the recently completed Campaign.

So, football fans and friends of football fans: Take a chance. At $10 a shot, how can you lose? Enter to win at latchisarts.org.

Gail Nunziata,

managing director,

Latchis Arts,

Brattleboro, Nov. 29


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