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What we need from our government

Editor of the Reformer:

In these troubled times, many of us are thinking about what government we need for our nation. Here’s one lonely view.

We need a government to maintain, through a graduated income tax, the infrastructure of commerce, communication and education. Also we need the government to maintain a police force strictly controlled by laws designed to protect both the public order and the rights of all the (human) citizens, including appropriate privacy.

We need equal representation of all natural persons of age (casino-capitalist corporations are not people because they are immortal and have as their only ethic to enrich their shareholders, so they are actually sociopaths). We need an honest, fair, direct, and quick electoral system, such as proportional representation elections and instant runoffs, without intermediaries like the Electoral College. We have no need to make it difficult for third and fourth parties to enter the fray if each voter can assign weights to each candidate.

We need to speak freely about what is not working right and how we can improve the situation. We can no longer allow the dissembling about promoting democracy and human rights, when we have been pursuing financial hegemony of the entire world. It is unseemly to be seen lying about our intentions before the entire world.

We need a government that is accountable to its people and does not need to keep any secrets from them. The people, after all, are sovereign, and a government cannot rightly keep secrets from its constituency, because the government and the governed cannot be adversaries.

We need a government that does not engage in unnecessary wars, and that understands that no wars are any longer necessary, because we have seen how all of them were preventable. We now know how to negotiate respectfully and to compromise as needed, and we should strengthen the United Nations rather than trying to undermine it. A little police action, such as dealing with piracy, can be handled by the United Nations and we should serve our fair share with alacrity.

We need to stop gaming the whole world and start cooperating with all other peoples to make sustainable the habitability of the planet and civility of its peoples. We need a government that ensures following principles of sustainability. Not only does nature itself have rights, but we need to cooperate with nature in order to continue living here. We are not against nature; we are a part of nature, as are the oceans, the grasses and the mountains, and all beings alive here.

We need a court system that protects the integrity of the system, but not the profits of the few, and that respects the laws established by the people’s legislature.

The arc of history is on our side, but we need to step up the pace a little.

Larry Sherk,

Bellows Falls, Nov. 25

Kudos to the Reformer

Editor of the Reformer:

The Reformer earns respect and compliments for detailed coverage of news from here and informative local views of national news, including online insights, such as "Medicare wastes billions of dollars on name-brand drugs" (Nov. 23-24) and "Vermont Yankee decommissioning costs could include spent fuel handling" (Nov. 25).

Howard Fairman,

Vernon, Nov. 25

Wrong McCarthy

Editor of the Reformer:

Your editorial of Nov. 22 ("50 years later, questions persist") in asserting (correctly in my view) that President Kennedy was a moderate-centrist confuses the demagogic anti-communist Senator Joseph McCarthy with the liberal anti-war Senator Eugene McCarthy.

Michael Krasner,

Westminster West, Nov. 25


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