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A lapse in crime reporting?

Editor of the Reformer:

I have been surprised that there has been no reporting/warning of all the breakings and enterings in town over the past few weeks. A couple of weeks ago at least seven cars were broken into and robbed on Elliot/Flat streets. Within the past few days houses on Upper Dummerston Road were robbed, and today I was told a house on Brook Street was broken into and robbed. Why hasn’t the Brattleboro Police Department issued a press release warning people to be especially diligent about locking cars and houses, and not leaving attractive targets for thieves in plain sight?

Dart Everett,

Brattleboro, Nov. 8

Editor’s Note: The Brattleboro Police Department did not initially issue a press release on the car break-ins because they were still under investigation. A press release has since been issued. We have no other information on the alleged robberies on Upper Dummerston Road or Brook Street.

Typhoons for hire?

Editor of the Reformer:

This year, Filipinos have been vehemently protesting the Visiting Forces Agreement, which has, for instance, allowed 600 U.S. Special Forces to be permanently located in Mindanao. Last year, for foreign mining companies battling numerous protests, Typhoon Bopha conveniently devastated Mindanao and a large part of the population was displaced.

According to Mike Billington in "Obama’s Plan for War on China Could Be Stymied in the Philippines," "Obama has called upon his pal, the current occupant of the Philippine Presidency, Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino, to impose a virtual dictatorship upon the nation, by destroying the Supreme Court, which is the only institution that could stop the effort to rip up the Constitution and turn the Philippines into a military base, and cannon fodder, in the intended war on China."

Google "Air-Sea Battle Doctrine" and you can read lots more on the importance of the Philippines to Obama’s Asia pivot.

On Nov. 5, military.com reported "The Philippine defense chief said Tuesday that disagreements between U.S. and Filipino negotiators are prolonging talks on an accord allowing an increase in American military presence in the country."

On Nov. 8, Typhoon Haiyan conveniently and devastatingly hit the country. By the Nov. 10, Chuck Hagel was speeding lots more US troops into the Philippines.

A video posted on YouTube by Dutchsinse seems to show a gigantic pulse of energy injected into a satellite composite loop at the location where a tropical depression then formed in the western Pacific, giving birth to Super Typhoon Lekima just a few days later (at the end of October).

Given the assertions made by the other Booz Allen Hamilton whistleblower Matt Andersson about the degree of weather manipulation currently happening on this planet, shouldn’t we stop questioning climate change and global warming and start questioning weather warfare?

Jacqueline Brook,

Putney, Nov. 10


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