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Far from perfect, but forgiven

Editor of the Reformer:

As an avid reader, I chafe at the Reformer’s all-too-frequent typos, misspellings, infelicitous phrasings, and incomplete or incoherent reporting. As a professional writer, I remind myself that the newspaper suffers from too many deadlines, too few people, too high expectations, too little cash.

And then, in spite of it all, comes total redemption. I’ll bump into some piece of pure gold, like an editorial gem or a piece of heroic reporting. Such as the editorial in the weekend Reformer of Sept 7-8 ("Subdued and dominated"). What an absolutely spot-on summary of the last 30 years! Congratulations to the Reformer for writing and running it.

I still remember, with chagrin, first hearing that the U.S. was contemplating a war in Iraq. What idiocy, I thought at the time. I was certain that the nation’s campuses would erupt immediately, and anyway, that Congress would see right through the whole misdirected, misconceived, and futile maneuver. Instead came weeks of total tranquility and cosmic silence on campus, culminating with John Kerry’s blind capitulation, saying in effect what a swell idea it was. What a difference even a few campus protests could have made then.

My thanks to the Reformer for focusing its editorial lens on this sell-out of our national priorities.

Ellen Williams,

Newfane, Sept. 18

In memory of ...

Editor of the Reformer:

This was decided in early spring and we had planned to put notice of it in the Reformer, when the boxes were full of flowers. With the vandalism going on with floral displays around town, we thought it better not to bring attention to the boxes on the Meadowbrook Road bridge, so are only now declaring: The Meadowbrook Road bridge display is in fond memory of Curt and Ellie Baker, our near neighbors for many years.

Bruce and Carol Corwin,

Brattleboro, Sept. 16

The true meaning of ‘governmental’

Editor of the Reformer:

Some people call it karma, some call it the law of attraction, while still, others who take the notion more seriously may refer to the idea as sacred knowledge, or simply, tithe secreted. Being in the latter group myself I can understand why the knowledge that one can make manifest, even inadvertently, things that are repeatedly thought about or continually acted out (spoken), like a mantra, a secret amongst certain groups of individually namely psychopaths.

If birds of a feather flock together, I can’t think of a more dangerous situation than a flock of psychopaths getting together and orchestrating their efforts to dominate all others outside their flock who, if were aware, would surely prevent them from realizing their twisted ideologies. And what could be worse than the actual implementation of particular psychotic ideas into any society which were born out of an insatiable desire to control the minds of the human population as a whole? Dare I say, nothing, other than being scared to death by them perhaps by witnessing their murderous acts, followed up with the idea that you might be next. But then again, isn’t that classic fear-based mind control? And the psychos are certainly most dangerous when their fear tactics begin to wane or, when their corporate profits are down, or, when they happen to get bored and just want to have some "fun" (play war games). Yes, psychos are emotionally dead and purely predatory in nature.

The particular group of psychos we’re dealing with here prefer to be called "governmental agents" and they are arrogant and overly confident enough to tell you as much, as one of their stupid philosophies is that, when one wishes to hide something (mind control mechanism for the masses) it’s best to place it in plain sight. Who could identify such a ridiculous tactic for the purpose of concealment but another psycho, or, perhaps an enlightened individual? They would put an accusation such as this back on anyone in the know by asking, who would suggest something so crazy, and claim that it’s a play on words, to suggest that the word "governmental" is actually two words, govern and mental.

As I listen to the media, and also the unwitting laymen ramble over divisive political issues, I hear the word governmental spoken and made manifest all the day long. It sounds like this, now say it out loud -- mind control. There, now have you had enough of that word yet (governmental), or would you like to chant humanity into a hypnotic trance some more?

To control one’s own mind surely must be a good practice, so it stands to reason that by repeatedly asking lunatics, even inadvertently, to provide this service for you, is truly an ignorant act. As the age-old saying goes, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it, and perhaps your children, too.

Bill Cummings,

Brattleboro, Sept. 11


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