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Volunteers sought for annual Christmas Breakfast

Editor of the Reformer:

This year the family of Charlie Slate will be undertaking the Annual Christmas Breakfast. We would like to have all past and all new volunteers interested in participating this year, to contact us. We will need a kitchen crew, familiar with the preparation, wait staff, delivery drivers for home take outs, floor workers and clean-up crew.

We are also looking for donations of homemade cookies, which will be distributed to the breakfast guests. The breakfast will be held again this year at the American Legion Home.

In the past years, Deidre Baker has held the reins for this annual event, doing an excellent job in the organizing. We only hope to do the same. This cannot be successful without your help.

If you are interested, in participating or donating towards this event, please contact Judy at 802-579-1494, Charlene at 802-254-8343 or Debbie at 802-257-0284.

We are looking forward to seeing you on Christmas morning.

Judy Flynn,

Charlene Anderson,

Debbie Bozetarnik,

Brattleboro, Sept. 18

Support for area Park & Ride

Editor of the Reformer:

I attended the joint Development Review Board hearing on the Putney-Dummerston Park & Ride in Putney last week and expressed strong support for going ahead with the project as proposed by the state. Certainly there are enhancements that could be made to the project, such as covered bicycle storage, solar canopies to shade vehicles while generating power, and pervious pavement to minimize runoff -- and I raised these ideas at the hearing. But the project is so important for the broader benefit of getting vehicles off the road that it should move ahead as presented. Most of these improvements (except for the pervious pavement) could be made later.

I disagree with Daniel Hoviss’s claim that the facility is too large. Eighty-two spaces sounds large, but Park & Ride facilities further north that are nearly as large are filling up, and a few years ago when gasoline prices spiked, they were overflowing. This Park & Ride will become all the more important should gasoline prices rise further in the future. The parking will also be partially hidden behind the very large Putney Fire Station. This is the right project in the right place at the right time.

Alex Wilson,

Dummerston Energy Committee,

Dummerston, Sept. 18

An open letter to Rep. Welch

Editor of the Reformer:

We are approaching another vote that will give another president the green light to get us involved militarily in another country in Middle East.

More than anything, I would like to have an opportunity to have a short conversation with you about this issue. Unfortunately, in the last 10 years or so, every time I have contacted you, (usually with some sort of criticism to be fair) I have only received either a generalized letter, or one that has not really addressed my queries or concerns. You and I both know that donors to members of Congress are rewarded with "access," whether it be at a confab Vermont, or in Washington, D.C. I am not a donor to your or other political campaigns, but I am an informed Vermonter who takes his duties as a citizen seriously. I find it a sad commentary on our political process, as well as an affront to every non-connected Vermonter that while I may have a voice, I have no opportunity to actually engage the representative who works for me. I appreciate the times that you have been in the area, but I work three jobs, and have not been able to attend one yet.

With respect to attacking Syria, I beg you not to automatically assume that America has a role to enforce moral authority in the world. Firstly, we must acknowledge that through our use of Napalm and Agent Orange in Vietnam, our assistance to Sadaam Hussein in his acquisition of chemical weapons which he then used against the Kurds, as well as our use of white phosphorous and depleted uranium weaponry in Iraq, we are not innocent of this practice and we pick and choose when to be outraged to the point of action.

President Obama arguably made a blunder with his now famous red line statement about Syria’s use of chemical weapons, but the entire Middle East must not pay the price of maintaining his "credibility." The only audience for for this sort of political maneuvering are American politicians and the American media. The rest of the world sees this particular picture without the fogginess created by the administrations rhetoric about human rights, moral authority or world norms. The last time I checked, it was not an international norm to conduct drone strikes without U.N authority on other country’s soil, but these don’t seem to be giving our president pause.

Vermonters do not support another military adventure that lies outside of the defense of our country. Please do not allow pressure from this administration to stop you from speaking and voting against this reckless plan to escalate the war in Syria.

Dan DeWalt,

South Newfane, Sept. 5


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