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Library board
needs to change

Editor of the Reformer:

As we look forward to celebrating the completion of the renovation project of the Rockingham Free Public Library, it is my opinion there is still a major item to be fixed, and that would be the existing Board of Trustees. The nine-member board is elected by the community in good faith, and should proceed with the business of the library in good faith.

At the upcoming board meeting this Wednesday morning, the Personnel Committee will introduce a proposal and possible vote to bring disciplinary action and dismissal charges against the Library Director, Ms. Celina Houlne. I suggest the Board look at itself to dismiss the real problem of cost and controversy it has brought on itself.

The next town election in March may be the only way the community has to reseat certain Trustees, but until then you might want to go to your annual tax bill and see how much of your monies go to supporting our great library, and after that, speak up if you do not agree with this current boards decision to seek Ms. Houlne’s dismissal.

I wholly support the current director and excellent staff, and look forward to seeing them in our newly renovated library, with smiling faces. I hope you do, too.

Debbi Wetzel,

Saxtons River, Sept. 16

The truth about war

Editor of the Reformer:

There is nothing worse in life than losing a child. Second worse is losing your country. Mary Tillman has experienced both.

Two weeks ago I knew very little about Pat Tillman: a true patriot.

I am a fan of Jon Krakauer, having read "Into Thin Air" seven times.

Two weeks ago I saw "Where Men Find Honor" at my library, I picked it up; couldn’t put it down. It was terribly upsetting to read what the government had done to the Tillmans and others. I was reminded what America started with lies going into Iraq; what it has done to us all.

Mr. Krakauer spoke highly of Mary Tillman’s book, "Boots on the Ground by Dusk"; my librarian said she would get it for me. The past week I have been very upset over Syria; and the prospect of the Middle East exploding. I have been struggling with what is an acceptable answer for me and our country.

Over the weekend I read "Boots"; bringing tears to my eyes. Every American should read these two books back to back: the first an over view; the second a parent’s personal story of "The American Dream Gone" wrong.

I woke up Labor Day realizing there is an answer; Pat Tillman gave it to me.

When 17 years old, Pat Tillman beat up a young man who he thought was attacking a friend. He overreacted and cause great injury. When he realized what had happened he admitted his mistake. He served time in juvenile detention and preformed community service; "He later confided that while he was not proud of what he had done, he was proud that he had learned more from that one horrible decision than all the good decisions he ever made."

After 9/11, America overreacted and cause great injury; we lost our country.

America must admit the mistake of invading Iraq and learn from "that one horrible decision."

No more lies: modern war punishes the innocent.

Dean Lynch,

Putney, Sept. 1


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