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Wednesday August 21, 2013

On antisemitism

Editor of the Reformer:

There have been two letters published recently in regard to the article, "Bearing Witness" (Aug. 8). The first is an articulately written opinion of anti-Zionism versus anti-Semitism. The second, published on Friday, is quite different. In the first, the author presents an opinion based on a disagreement with the original article that is cogent and well stated. Though I disagree with the author I respect his well-stated opinion. The second, however, is a different story. This author claims that "... many people are so tired of Holocaust stories that they have coined the term ‘Holocaust fatigue’; it is time to move on." The author claims not to be an anti-Semite yet refers to Israelis as "greedy" in their receipt of American aid. What a stereotype: the greedy Jew. What about the billions lost in aid to Haiti, Egypt, on and on; no comment about that; let’s demonize the Jew.

Seventy years since the Holocaust and we should move on? What an insult to thinking people. Does the author not think that the events of the Second World War can not reoccur? What does he think of the lessons of the dissolution of Yugoslavia and the "ethnic cleansing" that occurred? What does he think of the murder of millions of Cambodians under Pol Pot? How naive; how ignorant. Should black people forget that slavery ended only 150 years ago? Is that irrelevant in our time?

The lessons of the Holocaust are legion. The inhumanity and violence against the Jews throughout history is well documented. The author fails to understand that these lessons are to be taught for time immemorial. In the Holocaust millions of Jews were exterminated but the author also seems to not understand that millions of homosexuals, Christian intellectuals and others deemed inferior also were executed. If we don’t learn from history we are doomed to repeat it.

In addition, the author blames Israel for the sanctions against Iran. This rogue nation is a progenitor of terrorism and is close to completing the quest for a nuclear weapon. The sanctions imposed by the United Nations and supported by the government of the United States are implemented in the best interests of the world community and have nothing to do with a Jewish cabal pressuring the U.S. into taking action against a violent regime.

The author is an anti-Semite whether he believes it or not; he stereotypes and he blames irrationally. I pose that the next time he has a cup of coffee at his favorite cafe talking on his cell phone about how his doctor prescribed a medication that cured his ill while wearing his favorite sandals he should know that they all resulted from America’s investment in Israel.

The problem the author has it that the Jew will no longer go quietly. As Meir Kehane stated, to coin a phrase, "Never Again!"

Stephen R. Green,

Guilford, Aug. 16


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