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Saturday July 27, 2013

Help us
remember Kyle

Editor of the Reformer:

This year marks the 10 year anniversary of when our son, PFC Kyle Gilbert, was killed in Iraq. We invite all of his family and friends to the VFW on Aug. 10, 2013, from 1 to 6 p.m. to celebrate his life. There will be music, photographs and stories to share as well as light food and beverages available.

At 3 p.m., we will be toasting Kyle's life and his service to our country, followed by a demonstration in his honor by the Rouleau-Holley karate team.

We invite the public to stop in so we can share our thanks and appreciation for helping us through the last 10 years.

Thank you, we hope to see you there,

Robert and Regina,

July 23

Beware false courage

Editor of the Reformer:

George Zimmerman only confronted Trayvon because he had a gun. Zimmerman was armed with false courage that night. His acts were nothing more than the acts of the coward he is. It has been mentioned that he was interested in law enforcement.

Well so far, George, your resume's not looking good (What do you think America?), but don't just take my opinion. There are those who aspire and those who wanna be. Mr. Zimmerman definitely falls into the latter category. Zimmerman said that he feels for Trayvon's family, but then interjected that if it were to happen all over again he wouldn't change a thing, and he had no regrets.

This is nothing more than a grandstanding of his cowardice and a feeble attempt to keep alive his version of what transpired that night. Why do I feel Trayvon was put on trial when he was the one being followed by George? Why did George continue to follow him after even being told not to by a dispatcher? His response was, "I have a gun." Which clearly shows that he relied on it and was prepared to use it no matter what. Is it not natural to run or even confront your stalker? Mr. Zimmerman chose to walk/run into that situation. Not Trayvon! Trayvon was just walking. Why would anyone walk, run, even follow someone into what might be a potentially dangerous situation? There's no good reason, unless, of course, you have a gun. Trayvon was treated as nothing more than prey. Trayvon's civil rights were violated at three different levels: state, federal, and, most importantly, human. While we may feel progress, we are also occasionally reminded of the bile that emits from the deep cavities of wrongness.

Unfortunately the winds of times past blow back into our faces, and it can be harsh. Let us not disinter and slight the souls of those who have walked, marched, prayed, displayed, and, in too many instances, gave their lives to ensure that men, women and children alike be treated equal. Let us not judge people for what we foresee them to be, but by what we are certain they are not.

Ron Taylor

Brookline, July 19


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