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Wednesday July 17, 2013

Too much mystery surrounding Boston bombings

Editor of the Reformer:

I’m convinced that the Boston Bombings were an intelligence operation. I hope Judy Clarke doesn’t convince her client, suspected bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, to plead guilty and prevent us from hearing his story in court.

Given Boston FBI head Richard DesLauriers running of Operation Ghost Stories, the 10-year monitoring and roll-up of a Russian spy network, in which "FBI agents posed as Russian handlers," I think it’s unimaginable that the FBI wasn’t dogging the Tsarnaev brothers for three to five years, as their mother has said.

Then there’s the uncle’s connection with CIA agent Graham Fuller; the fact that both brothers were transported all the way across town to Beth Israel Deaconess hospital; Dr. Schoenfeld’s bizarre interview with NPR. Then there’s Ron Dermer, saying that the bombings would be good for Israel; the fact that the scenario was almost identical to the 2013 Boston Urban Shield Drill, run by Cytel Group, which is using the bombings as advertising on their website, and the fact that Urban Shield events have been supported by Israel in three different ways; Cytel Group’s connection with Hollywood effects company Strategic Operations, run by Stu Segall, allegedly a former porn king with mob ties.

I actually drove to the scene of the shootout, because I couldn’t reconcile two eyewitness statements and was surprised to see so many bullet holes in houses at the second floor level. Then I was astonished when I saw the house where the boat was parked. I had listened to a young woman tell an infowars reporter: "My friend on Franklin St., ummm, lived across the street, and the Army people did a huge search in their garage, ummm, but the boat was directly across the street; they didn’t search the boat, not once. They didn’t even go around it."

Presumably they didn’t go near Dave Henneberry’s carriage house behind the boat either, or the detached garage in the neighbor’s backyard. Then, there’s Leah Flynn, who, according to online white pages, lives at 20 Franklin St., a block and a half past Henneberry’s house on the L-shaped street, who said that law enforcement officers were in her backyard. So, we’ve been lied to about the "perimeter" and its relationship to the boat. I think the site was being guarded until the experiment with martial law was over.

Then there’s the huge omission in Dave Henneberry’s story with regards to the giant door that was built into the shrink wrapping on the boat. There’s a video online at businessweek.com in which you can watch a police vehicle/apparatus peel back the door -- which I’m assuming is what Henneberry pantomimed rolling up, in his interview with WCVB’s Ed Harding.

I think the whole boat story is fishy -- including the note allegedly scrawled therein, which seems to get longer and longer and which we only first heard about a month after the bombings.

This is only the tip of the iceberg of things related to this story which I find odd ....

Jacqueline Brook,

Putney, July 11

Food violence must be stopped

Editor of the Reformer:

The Zimmerman verdict was absolutely correct. He was defending himself against a 17-year-old black male armed with two deadly weapons, a box of skittles and a water bottle. We all know that these are life threatening instruments. What choice did Zimmerman have? If they had found him guilty, the next attack might well be a Latino with a box of milk duds and a root beer. This food violence must be stopped.

David Fagelson,

Putney, July 16

On Zimmerman, Martin editorial

Editor of the Reformer:

I have two issues with the July 16 Reformer editorial concerning the Zimmerman trial. One, there is no proof that Trayvon Martin was doing anything but walking down the street in the gated Florida neighborhood. His dark skin was the only thing that made him stand out. Had a white person walked into a black neighborhood in Florida and been shot to death, the killer most likely would have had a tougher time with an all-white jury.

Two, it took me almost five minutes to understand the meaning of: "Ultimately, the editorial board doesn’t believe this needs to be relegated to nothing more than a race issue, despite what many on both side of the argument say." The sentence contains a double negative, along with the singular use of "side" when it should be plural. This is another case in a long line of what I call "must of" grammatical errors found in issues of the Reformer (the Reformer constantly uses "must of" instead of "must have"). While I understand the deadline pressures a newspaper faces, if you have a point of view that you consider important, give it enough respect to state it clearly and with correct grammar. Otherwise your readers will assume the writer is not intelligent and will assume the opinion is not worth their time. I am sure that is not your intent.

Louis Erlanger,

Brattleboro, July 16

The abominable Snowden

Editor of the Reformer:

Edward Snowden is not a human rights activist, he is a loathsome (abominable) traitor and spy.

He stated his aim was to inform the world about the surveillance programs operated by the NSA. He expressed concern the U.S.government could monitor the communications of the U.S. public, but he did not say it occurred.

If Snowden is the activist who just wanted to expose the possible monitoring of the U.S. public, why did he go to Hong Kong (China), a totalitarian country opposed to democratic values and freedoms? Why did he go to China with his four laptops filled with NSA information, and probably allow the Chinese to copy the NSA material?

If Snowden was concerned with the U.S.government infringing on our freedoms, why did he go to Russia, another totalitarian country opposed to our democratic values, a country who most likely copied the NSA information on his laptops?

Snowden could be a disgruntled individual who decided to get even with the U.S. over personal problems, possibly work related. His aim is to harm our national security. He should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for breaking the trust we placed in him.

Donald A. Moskowitz,

Londonderry, July 15


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