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Saturday June 22, 2013

On good deeds, hiking trails and backyards

Editor of the Reformer:

Your story on the West River Trail "West River Trail route questioned," June 19) falls into the category of "No good deed goes unpunished." No sooner does a non-profit group finish upgrading this great public asset than a law firm, town bureaucrats, and a couple of recalcitrant residents pounce, attempting to shut it down or privatize it and tax it out of existence. What good do they think could possibly come of that? Do these "Dummerston officials" really think squeezing taxes from a trail could solve their budget worries? An outdoors asset like the West River Trail brings visitors to the area and keeps locals here for their recreation. It’s really hard to understand the motivation behind such a misguided move by town officials and their lawyers. What’s next, shutting down or taxing the Black Mountain trail?

Steev Lynn,

Brattleboro, June 20 Finding balance between privacy and security

Editor of the Reformer:

The right to privacy vs. the expectation of security; what a choice to have to make. It seems to me that people in this country are pretty outraged over the "snooping" our government is doing, and rightly so. However, I imagine if there were a major attack on our soil that involved a domestic terrorist cell the people would be equally outraged that the government did not do more to stop it. This would be especially true if the government claimed that it had no knowledge of such a terrorist cell right here at home. People would be demanding to know why the government did not protect the people. It seems to me that there has to be a "balance" between security and right to privacy, but where is the line? That question has no easy answer.

Sandy Golden,

Hinsdale, N.H., June 20


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