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Friday May 3, 2013

Raising taxes
is not the answer

Editor of the Reformer:

One would think that if you have something for sale, and it just isn’t selling the way you had predicted, would you not lower the price? That’s how I find my bargains. The cheaper, the better. Now for the new gas tax; this falls along the lines pertaining to the first part of this letter. The governor’s reasoning behind raising the tax is that more Vermonters are driving less. Stop and think for a moment governor, the reason most Vermonters are driving less is because of the price of gas in the first place. So you think that by raising the price another six cents is going to make us say, what the hey, that’s a deal? Last week I praised our governor for his actions on welfare here in Vermont, and then he comes out with this stupid idea.

Raising taxes on cigarettes isn’t doing any good either. If you want to raise revenue, keep the prices low enough as to where everybody gets a little something. I also took notice on the tax on certain soft drinks. Do you honestly think that’s going to keep sugar junkies from drinking them? Our elected officials in Montpelier need to get a grip on reality. There is one thing and one thing only that will get us out of the financial hole we have been put into and that is legalizing marijuana. The thing about this is everybody from day care janitor to President Obama knows it and no one is willing to start the ball a-roll’n.

Roger L. Andrews,

Brattleboro, May 1

Don’t forget Williamsville Hall

Editor of the Reformer:

I appreciate the two recent articles about the efforts to restore the Old Schoolhouse in South Newfane. The sense of connectedness generated after Tropical Storm Irene brought about a new determination to forge and maintain strong local bonds, and the Schoolhouse renovation is definitely an evidence of that.

What was missed in both articles, however, was the role played by the Williamsville Hall during the time following the flood. The Hall served as a lifeline for all of us in South Newfane and Williamsville in the early days post-Irene. It was staffed by local residents every day offering free breakfasts, evening potluck meals, free wifi and phone line, and coordinating everything from volunteer work crews to FEMA information and distributing donated goods.

South Newfane and Williamsville are two side-by-side villages within the larger town of Newfane. Many of us who live here don’t really know where one village starts and the other ends. Our similarities are many: We have two different zip codes, but we share a post office; we’ve both lost our general stores; our kids go to Newbrook Elementary and Leland and Gray HS; we’re served by the joint South Newfane/Williamsville Fire Department; Dover Road and the Rock River define our common geography; and although we each have our own village identities, we are truly one community of people.

We are fortunate to have two historic communal buildings in which to express our local life, Williamsville Hall and the South Newfane Schoolhouse. I am thankful to all those work hard to maintain and support them both.

Chris Triebert,


South Newfane

Community Association, May 1

Pliny Park concerts
will continue

Editor of the Reformer:

After canceling the Pliny Park concert series this year due to an overwhelming personal schedule load, other folks have stepped up to help out and make this five-year running concert series continue. There is a concert happening every Friday night from 6 to 9 p.m. in Pliny Park, helping Brattleboro to be the "Arts Destination" that we purport to be.

Musicians play for tips and CD sales only. The town charges a reasonable fee for the park which must be paid as well as miscellaneous expenses incurred, which is why I am requesting anyone who feels so moved to pitch in a little to help this little grass roots series unfold gracefully.

Please send checks to me, T. Breeze Verdant, 74 Cotton Mill Hill, #A333, Brattleboro, VT, 05301, annotated Pliny Series or e-mail me at tbreeze@sover.net. If there is any excess, it will be given to musicians as a stipend to cover their gas expenses, etc. Thanks so much for supporting local musicians and the arts.

T. Breeze Verdant,

Brattleboro, May 1


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