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Thursday April 18, 2013

Gun control
no-nothings Editor of the Reformer:

I am an ex-corrections officer and served as a gunner’s mate in the U.S. Navy in Vietnam and at one point was assigned to the ship’s armory. I also was a certified NRA pistol, rifle and shotgun instructor for over 20 years. I forgot more about guns than most people know. Well, at least more than the people who are spreading fear, loathing and propaganda against guns, their owners and the Second Amendment.

Case in point: Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City and his Mayors Against Illegal Guns. He puts out emotional gun control ads to try to persuade people that we need background checks that we already have. However, these people know nothing about guns. Would you hire a butcher to fix the plumbing in your house?

In the Bloomberg ad is a hunter who’s holding a shotgun, sitting in the back of a pickup on the farm. Notice that his fingers are on the trigger and his kids are playing on the porch. Any person who hunts or knows anything about firearms knows you don’t put your finger on the trigger until you are on target and ready to shoot. Of course, Mayor Bloomberg and his elitist friends don’t have to really know anything about guns because they let their armed-to-the-teeth security details worry about them.

In a video of Bloomberg readily available on the Internet, you see the amount of armed protection he has for himself. Do you think those men are armed? Do you think they have more than 10 rounds in their magazines?

The fact is there are already background checks at gun stores and at gun shows the dealers use their cell phones to run customers through the federal background check. I know; they did me.

What they really want to do is to make it almost impossible for you to sell you guns to a private party or family members. Yes, I guess their are people that will buy and sell guns to people that shouldn’t have them. Those laws are already on the books and on the form you fill out when buying at a gun store it tells you right on the form you fill out and sign that it’s illegal to do so.

The biggest violator of this law is, yes, you guessed it, the Obama administration with it’s Operation Fast & Furious. One of the weapons involved in the operation was used to kill Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

And now Obama is sending weapons and troops to Syria through Turkey. This is what Ambassador Stevens got killed in Benghazi for: Trying to get back the weapons they gave to the Libyan rebels that are now getting in the hands of Al Quaida, the Taliban and the Muslim Brotherhood.

When Americans are killed with those weapons, the blood is on Obama’s hands. And this is why these elitist politicians have no credibility with Second Amendment proponents.

James Lanese,

Newfane, April 11

Follow the money

Editor of the Reformer:

They are either stupid or corrupt. And they’re not stupid.

The headline in the April 4 edition said "Prospects for arms treaty all but dead in Senate." Dead because 35 Senators have pledged to oppose it -- because, they say, it "violates our constitutional rights." Which constitutional rights? Our "second-amendment rights ... to bear arms."

In fact, the Arms Trade Treaty, passed Tuesday by the UN General Assembly, has nothing to do with U.S. citizens bearing arms. What the treaty regulates is the global trade in military weapons -- from small arms to warships, combat aircraft and anti-missile systems. A U.S. citizen’s rights would be limited only if they became global arms dealers.

So what’s going on here? What’s going on is very big corporate interests hiding behind fake arguments contrived for a gullible public. In this case companies like General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, who have enlisted the NRA to sound a citizen rights alarm. "Ratify this treaty, and the government will be confiscating your weapons!"

The question is: Do 35 senators believe that? And the answer is assuredly "no." They are not stupid. But many, one has to conclude, are corrupt; for a price in campaign contributions, willing to participate in the defense industry’s charade, protecting its $65-plus billion a year in global arms sales, often to totalitarian regimes. For a price in campaign contributions, willing to block a treaty opposed in the UN only by Iran, North Korea and Syria.

The five senators mentioned in Thursday’s article received an average of $59,060 from defense companies in 2012. For what purpose did those companies pay that money? So long as votes are for sale to special interests, little will be done by Congress for the common good. And, since too many congresspeople like things this way, change is going to have to come from us.

More initiative from honest congresspeople would help.

Byron Stookey,

Brattleboro, April 12


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