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Thursday February 28, 2013

Support for Schoales

Editor of the Reformer:

Looks like the voters of Brattleboro have a wonderful opportunity this election season to vote for David Schoales in his run for Selectboard. Although I’m a mere and humble resident of Putney your neighbor to the North I encourage you to support this find fellow. David lived in Putney years ago and was instrumental in the founding of Earthbridge Land Trust which is very much alive and well today. He also participated in the setting up of the Brattleboro Farmer’s Market years ago which has been a boon to local farmers and craftspeople to market their goods as well as a wonderful venue for good food and fun.

David’s a good man, respectful, smart, authentic and knows how to work with his hands, brains and heart in equal measure. The only thing that troubles me about David is that he went and moved to Brattleboro and bought a house with his wife and daughter and got involved in the life of Brattleboro being on the School Board and such. For my part I wish the chap had stayed in Putney although I’m blessed to see him often and read about his good works. You folks in Brattleboro elected him to the School Board now’s your chance to take advantage of his smarts and enjoy the benefits of having him work for you as a Selectboard member. Give David your vote.

Eva Mondon,

Putney, Feb. 25

Edwards running
in Halifax

Editor of the Reformer:

I am a candidate for Selectboard in Halifax. I am running unopposed, but I still need the enthusiasm of voters in Halifax to allow me to serve the town once again.

My three years on the Selectboard have been a lot of work, but it has been an honor to put my skills to work, in particular after Tropical Storm Irene. Irene was a game changer, and while we did very well thanks to many volunteers and the coming together of a strong central team, we must continue to prepare for the future. I know that change is hard; but my motivation in any actions I propose is solely tied to my understanding of what is best the community.

My leadership style is to be inclusive and fair. I am respectful of others even when we differ in opinion. I am task-oriented; and I can be both demanding and practical. "Good enough" isn’t, if we can find easy and inexpensive ways to achieve a higher level of service to the town. I am analytical about the content of problems, but direct in confronting conflict. This works far better for me than dealing with guesses and rumor. I am comfortable attempting to work with others in regional and state offices, because I don’t believe we can always go it alone. Finally, I’m willing to experiment, say we failed, and try again with the goal of doing better.

I hope you will give me another chance to serve the town. Please exercise your right to vote, and put an X the box next to my name.

Edee L. Edwards,

Halifax, Feb. 26

Support for O’Connor

Editor of the Reformer:

It may surprise readers of this paper that I am strongly endorsing Kate O’Connor for Brattleboro Selectboard, especially considering that I have worked with her opponent Ben Spoon Agave for the past two years on the town of Brattleboro Finance Committee.

I believe that with so many years of administrative and political experience at the state level, Kate is admirably well-equipped to serve our town on the Selectboard. The three-year term she seeks means she will be with us over the long haul in this important position. And Brattleboro can expect much, over many years, from this young yet deeply experienced public servant.

It’s true that Spoon has more experience working in town government, but he himself says it may take him the three-year term to "come up to speed" on the Selectboard, and for that reason he wants the three year seat. I’ve worked with him for two years now on the Finance Committee, and the same rationale might dictate that he remain for another year working with us there -- we’re just now beginning to expand into the demands of a much wider purview conferred upon us by the newly-amended Town Charter. I’ve challenged some of Spoon’s decisions and style on the Finance Committee, but in general he has defended himself fairly well there, and certainly has the working support of the membership.

I support Kate "in her own right," not merely because she’s an O’Connor, from that local political family. She’s a brilliant and charismatic person, and the published author of a large and very interesting book (I’m mid-way through it) on the political process. She’s been involved with the running of several local non-profits already, and has served under appointment to important State committees. I believe her far-reaching contacts and influence, particularly statewide, will help us as we "bootstrap" Brattleboro economically once again. It has been said that town governments in Vermont are pretty much "creatures of the state," and in this context, I believe that Kate O’Connor, given the new portfolio of Brattleboro Selectboard member, will bring much good fortune and considerable resources to our town.

From where I sit, liking both individuals very much as I do, my judgement is that Kate is far and away the best choice for Selectboard. It’s a case of the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

John Wilmerding,

Brattleboro, Feb. 27

Support for Schoales

Editor of the Reformer:

We need David Schoales on the Brattleboro Selectboard. David will work tirelessly for the town of Brattleboro, focusing on respectful, collaborative improvement of the way we manage our finances, our business environment, and our overall system of local government.

I have worked with David on the Brattleboro Town School Board for the last two years and found David to be dedicated, resourceful, open-minded, and incredibly thoughtful in his approach to the school board’s business. I trust David’s judgment, his sense of fairness, and his commitment to maintaining our quality of life as well as our local economy.

When I first heard that David was running for Selectboard, I assumed that the Selectboard’s gain would be the School Board’s loss. But having David on both boards will strengthen both and integrate them in a cooperative and healthy way. And have no doubts; David has the energy and capacity to hold both positions.

Please join me in voting for David Schoales for Brattleboro Selectboard. And thanks, David, for all the hard work you do to make Brattleboro a great place to live and work.

Peter Yost,

Brattleboro, Feb. 25


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