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Wednesday February 27, 2013

Write-in candidates welcome for Bratt District 2

Editor of the Reformer:

On March 5, the voters of Brattleboro will be going to the polls to elect a variety of town and school officials. This year in the townwide races there are candidates seeking election with no opposition for eight positions and four positions for which there are contests.

In the races for Town Meeting members there are a number of openings on the ballot for which no one is running. This is particularly true in District Two where there are four one-year terms, two two-year terms and three three-year terms for which there are no candidates.

If you reside in District Two I would urge you to consider running as a write-in candidate for one of the open positions. (When District Two residents vote they report to the sign-in tables that are directly in front of them when they enter the high school gymnasium).

When you run as a write-in candidate for Town Meeting member you only need to receive 10 votes to be elected so long as there is no contest -- i.e. no more than three candidates for three openings, five for five openings, etc.

Please consider a write-in candidacy and if you decide to run, please contact me at 802-257-0486 so I can coordinate the process and make sure that we do not have more people than needed running for one length term and not enough for another.

Thank you for your consideration and I hope to hear from you.

Marshall M. Wheelock,

chair, District Two Caucus

Brattleboro, Feb. 22

Support for Druke, Lawley, Williams, Tessier

Editor of the Reformer:

Newfane is fortunate to have three strong, experienced people seeking to serve our town on the Selectboard this year: Chris Druke, Todd Lawley and Chris Williams. I am delighted that such high-caliber people want to work for Newfane and I strongly endorse each of them.

Chris Druke is seeking a second one-year term on the Board. In her first year she has been tireless and dedicated in helping the town in the continuing recovery from Irene. In addition to putting in an extraordinary amount of time and effort -- and in the process becoming the Board’s most knowledgeable member in dealing with Irene and FEMA -- Chris has been a remarkable voice of reason on our Selectboard. No matter what issue is facing the Board we can count on Chris to approach it in a common sense and objective way unencumbered by any personal agenda. Newfane is very well-served by Chris’ willingness to continue on the Selectboard. She works very hard for us and has earned our support.

Chris Williams is also running for a one-year seat. He has been serving as Newfane’s Road Commissioner for several years. I have had the honor to serve with Chris on previous Selectboards and can say without hesitation that nobody else in Newfane knows as much about our roads and bridges as he does. Having both Chris Williams and Todd Lawley on the Selectboard would give Newfane one of the strongest one/two punches in the state when it comes to roads and bridges. But Chris also brings more with him to the Board. A life-long resident of Newfane and the descendent of the Williams family that founded Williamsville, Chris cares about our town and brings with him a refreshing and different perspective on issues that has repeatedly proven very valuable.

Todd Lawley is seeking a three-year seat on the Board. Todd is one of those people that the old adage was written about: when you need to get something done, go to the busiest person you know. That’s Todd -- road foreman, fire chief, selectman. I don’t know how he does it but he does. His willingness to serve again on the Board brings with it a wealth of experience that can only be a benefit for us all.

Finally, while not directly Selectboard related, I would like to endorse one more candidate in the upcoming town election. Merle Tessier is running for town treasurer. Bringing over 45 years of accounting experience with him, Merle would be an extremely effective treasurer for us. But more than that he is the type of person who wants to work professionally and in harmony with the Selectboard. Such a professional working relationship will improve accountability of both the treasurer and the Selectboard for our budget and financial affairs. Merle, too, deserves our votes.

Please vote on Town Meeting Day or by early ballot and put Chris, Todd, Chris and Merle to work for all of us.

Gary Katz,

Newfane, Feb. 25

Support for Schoales

Editor of Reformer:

I write in support of Dave Schoales as he runs for two positions in Brattleboro this year: Brattleboro Town School Board (elementary schools) and the Brattleboro Selectboard.

As a fellow School Board member for two years with Dave, I’ve watched him carefully consider all items that come to our attention. He is always prepared and takes his responsibilities very seriously.

Dave brings an open mind, balanced with compassion and pragmatism.

Please consider casting your vote for Dave Schoales for both the Brattleboro Selectboard and town School Board.

Jill Stahl Tyler,

Brattleboro, Feb. 22

Support for Agave

Editor of the Reformer:

After much thought in regards to the future of Brattleboro, I am concerned about the proposed increase in property taxes for the next two years. Because of this concern, I need to vote for a candidate for Selectboard who shares these same concerns. This candidate is Ben Spoon Agave whom, I believe, has a vast amount of experience in this town’s government and financial planning. No other candidate has the type of knowledge and experience that Mr. Agave holds. I know he will do his best to guide Brattleboro in the right direction.

Please join me and vote for Ben Spoon Agave for Selectboard on Town Meeting Day.

Richard J. Guthrie,

Brattleboro, Feb. 25

Support for Albert-Piascik

Editor of the Reformer:

During the past several years, the Newfane Treasurer, Maureen Albert-Piascik, has served the community, I have worked with her and found her to be honest, trustworthy, and reliable, just to name a few of her many attributes. She has worked with the interest of the town at heart and has taken pride in the fact that during her years as the Newfane Treasurer, no penalties or fines have been levied on the town, as the many reporting requirements have been filed on time.

Maureen has kept up with the continuous changes coming from the state regarding municipal financial information and how it is to be reported. She is doing the job. Maureen is currently involved in assisting others with the ongoing FEMA financial requirements. She has provided needed information in a very timely manner for the FY 2012 Audit and has been complimented for her bookkeeping skills and record keeping by the professional auditors.

I strongly urge you to re-elect Maureen Albert-Piascik as the Newfane Town Treasurer on March 5 . Experience, honesty and integrity count.

Doris A. Knechtel,

South Newfane, Feb. 25


Editor’s Note: With Town Meeting fast-approaching (March 5), we are aware that many letters in support of a candidate or from candidates will be sent to us. We will run as many as space allows before the election. Please note that support letters will not run after the March 2-3 Weekend Reformer publishes.


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