Letter: Bring sports back to Guilford

Bring sports back to Guilford

Editor of the Reformer:

The Guilford Central School has not had a K-through-6 sports program for 2 years, and the money to hire a sports coordinator was removed from the school's 2015-16 budget. The town of Guilford has had a dormant Recreation Club for sometime.

A task force of Guilford residents has been advocating for help with these issues from the Guilford School Board and the Guilford Selectboard. The task force is seeking support to bring back a sports program to the Guilford Central School, and to revitalize a recreation program in Guilford that would provide community activities to Guilford Residents of all ages. Results from a survey of Guilford residents revealed that 88 percent of the 77 responses received were in support of the town of Guilford hiring a part time sports co-ordinator to accomplish these goals.

The task force's proposal is that the Guilford School and the town of Guilford share funds to hire a part time Sports and Recreation co-ordinator, who would report to a volunteer committee.

This topic has been on the agenda for two School Board meetings and one Selectboard meeting, thus far. During the School board meeting on Jan. 4, the school board proposed $4,000 to the 2016-17 budget for the sports program. The Selectboard members (in attendance) offered to match this dollar amount, if Guilford residents were in support of them doing so. Support from the Guilford residents will be measured by gaining the required 85 signatures (5 percent of the Guilford population) on a petition by the Jan. 14 deadline, and by showing a majority vote during Town Meeting day on March 1.

The sports and recreation topic is on the agenda, again, at the Selectboard meeting at the Guilford Town Office on Jan. 11 at 6:30 p.m.

Wendy Stone, Guilford Sports and Recreation Task Force, Jan. 11


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