Letter: Buyer beware

Buyer beware

Editor of the Reformer:

In today's fast-paced world patients are very often looking to use convenient and fast methods to get a diagnosis if they feel ill. There are free clinics, walk in clinics and chain clinics. Recently I have had a chance to learn ome interesting things that some clinics do. Many are staffed by very nice well-meaning medical personal. However, I caution anyone using these clinics. Many of these are staffed by physician assistants who very likely are just starting their carriers. The law states that a physician assistant needs to be supervised by a medical doctor. I learned that some clinics that use physician assistants do not have a medical doctor on site and the medical doctor who oversees them is contacted by a phone call. The medical doctor may be close by or possibly across the country. We all hate the time it may take to see our own doctor or a long and possibly costly trip to the emergency room. Please think before using one of these clinics. The fact is you may be seen by someone who is not an MD and has none on site. You must ask yourself do you want to trust your health to someone who is in California getting a phone call. I am in no way saying all clinics are not good, merely that you may want to ask some questions before using them.

Lori Chase, South Newfane, Oct. 29


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