Letter: Cast a vote for liberty

Cast a vote for liberty

Editor of the Reformer:

I'm writing in response to today's letter from GunSense Vermont's treasurer ("Support for Deen, Mrowicki," Sept. 13).

GunSense Vermont is not a grass-roots organization, as admitted in February 2015 by the "Bloomberg View" news website and again in a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting by your paid Necrason lobbyist (who was fired shortly after). Just because you keep saying "grassroots" doesn't make it true.

For an enlightening video, go to www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXRWlBnvSQc.

The letter writer seems to think that Mr. Deen and Mr. Mrowicki's service of excessive taxes, regulations and government control is exemplary? He cites Mr. Deen's work to protect waterways, but fails to mention that the giant wind projects that Mr. Deen supports are defiling our state's scenic beauty and recently have been reported to be fouling the waterways surrounding the Lowell Mountain project. He also cites Mr. Mrowicki's work for children and families in Vermont while failing to point out that Mr. Mrowicki and Mr. Deen have both worked for and supported raising taxes, increasing the state budget beyond expected revenue, taking away local control of schools, creating more regulation and cost for small businesses, forcing non-union members to pay union fees and continuing a healthcare system that has cost the taxpayers $200 million and doesn't work. This is not good for Vermont families and children.

Eddie Cutler is indeed the president of Gun Owners of Vermont, and I am a member and the proud wife of the Gun Owners of Vermont Vice President, Bob DePino. Both of them work tirelessly to preserve the rights acknowledged in Article 16 of the Vermont Constitution.

We aren't one-issue candidates as the letter write alludes to in his letter, as he would have found out on our Facebook campaign pages. We are concerned enough about the outright assault on the rights of Vermonters by our legislators to actually step into the ring and run for office. Eddie and I will defend Vermonters from out-of-state political interests and money on all issues, not just firearms. Eddie and I are well educated on the issues and welcome the opinions of the people of this district.

So, the letter writer is correct, you can vote for Mr. Deen and Mr. Mrowicki and be insured more taxes, regulations and government control, or you can vote for Eddie Cutler and me and be sure that we will fight to protect your rights, jobs, property, waterways, ridgelines and schools, without taxing and regulating every aspect of your life.

Bonnie DePino, Candidate for House of Representatives, Sept. 13


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