Letter: Chesterfield, N.H., residents should be applauded

Chesterfield, N.H., residents should be applauded

Editor of the Reformer:

I applaud the residents of Chesterfield, N.H., for standing up and complaining of the rumble strips on Route 9 and was dumbfounded by the reasoning of putting them so close to the side lane marker stripes as this seems to be the worst position as they are hard to avoid when facing oncoming traffic or curving sections of the road at times.

I was involved in an accident on Route 9 at the intersection of Glebe Road on March 9 and that accident like most along this stretch from Spofford to Brattleboro is compounded by vehicles entering from the side roads. I've heard that quite a few times before and after my accident. I was fortunate that the driver of the car that day and myself were able to walk away without serious injury other then bruises and now a new fear of a daily commute.

The issue isn't cured on this road by the rumbles at all but the temperament of the drivers entering into the highway from the side roads,so please look both ways when doing so.

I wholeheartedly agree there is a need for the center strip and am witness to the noise from trucks hitting the side strip on the sides of the highway. It really is loud even in the car following someone hitting those and thought of the residents along this road of how annoying it can be. So I applaud those who went to the hearing about it and hopefully the state will look into reducing those that are unnecessary.

John Crandall, Brattleboro, Aug. 3


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