Letter: Do you like Hillary because you hate Trump?

Do you like Hillary because you hate Trump?

Editor of the Reformer:

I was asked if I supported Hillary Clinton because I hated Donald Trump. I wish to answer that question here. The answer is simple no. I don't hate Donald Trump. However, I think that his racist, misogynist, fear-mongering, immigrant bashing rhetoric, coupled with his disrespect for the families of veterans just because he doesn't ascribe to their religion, and his narcissistic exceptionalism regarding his own obligation to follow the law or be subject to any of his own proposals is dangerous.

He outsources his own company's jobs overseas, yet he says that companies are leaving the country is droves to make more profits elsewhere. He also says those companies shouldn't be making money off the American people without contributing to wage base of the national economy, but he does.

He says that he's had a good relationship with the black community for a little while and dismisses mention of his own past business practices which brought him and others to be sued by the Justice Department for discriminatory housing practices. "A lot of people got sued, but I never admitted anything" is not the same as not having done it. Those others aren't running for POTUS.

Painting a picture of the inner cities of America as desolate wastelands of crime and poverty where people's rights should be routinely violated in their own neighborhoods by things like stop and frisk is not being a law and order candidate. It's being a short-sighted individual who doesn't understand that stop and frisk is one of the stepping stones that led to the current distrust of the police.

Saying that he doesn't care who has nuclear weapons is like saying please gather the materials you need in bulk to use as weapons against my citizens because I am not bright enough to understand the risk. Saying that you will close the borders to all Muslims – all one billion of them – invites similar actions to be taken against Americans across the globe.

Saying that you will pull out of major treaties because you think the issues were concocted by other governments is a slap in the face of nations across the world who have carefully and thoughtfully taken months, sometimes years, to finally agree that some solutions cannot be achieved in isolation. Further, it undermines the faith and trust in the word of the American government.

Repealing Obamacare will do untold damage to people who previously would have become sicker, lost homes and perhaps their lives without treatment – All with no fallback plan. What is his plan to replace it? I haven't heard one yet.

Finally, insisting that other countries aren't paying their fare share to uphold treaties while laughing about the fact that he has been able to avoid paying any taxes is arrogant, ironic and unscrupulous. No I don't hate Donald Trump. I don't trust him.

Christophre Woods Brattleboro, Sept. 27


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