Letter: Don't drink from the well of poison

Don't drink from the well of poison

Editor of the Reformer:

The murderous and insane truck driver of Nice has been called a "soldier" by the so-called "Islamic state." What an insult to anyone who has actually served as a soldier. Killing the innocent and unaware is a cowardly crime. Unfortunately the world media echoes this nonsense. If ISIS is going to build a country they need better role models than sick killers.

All of these young men — from Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City to the recent assassins of Orlando, Dallas and Baton Rouge (not to mention countless suicide bombers and mass killers) — operate on the idea that a loner with greater firepower than those they kill are able to accomplish something. In fact they accomplish nothing but pain and loss. An actual movement for justice and freedom requires creativity, selflessness and love.

Hate and fear are like a huge well of poison that can be dredged forth by politicians looking to enlist whatever deranged souls are wandering about looking for a mission. In fact, this recruiting technique diminishes that political leadership to a point of impotence — regardless of the infinite sorrow they spread.

Beware of politicians — and self declared religious leaders — who talk fear and separation. Applaud those who speak out and organize non-violent opposition to injustice. The first group inspires endless pain and suffering. The latter helps build peace and justice. Build bridges. Diversity is strength.

Andy Davis, Brattleboro, July 18


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