Letter: Don't forget absentee ballot

Don't forget absentee ballot

Editor of the Reformer:

Reminder for parents of out-of-town voting age college students: there's still (barely) enough time to have your Town Office send a ballot out. Last day to request one is February 29. It'll cost 70 cents to send it back and it must be received BEFORE Fat Tuesday, March 1 (my understanding).

It'd be great if a young turnout for Bernie came out in force. I was pleased that Congressman Peter Welsh stated that he will throw his support behind Bernie, which is critical as a Super Delegate. So, of course I was disappointed to hear that Senator Leahy not only endorses Hillary, but says he will place his Super Delegate vote towards her REGARDLESS of what the We, the People of Vermont want, should the majority be in Bernie's favor. Jeezum crow - not even a pretense of democracy, Pat? You lost my vote. And Shumlin - ah, Big Money Wannabe supports Big Money. Sigh.

Gina Faro Brattleboro, Feb. 22


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