Letter: Don't let fear rule your decisions

Don't let fear rule your decisions

Editor of the Reformer:

Anxiety flits in and out of my unconscious, but I won't let it come out in the open. Silly, I think, paranoid. And then I am talking to a friend and she says it out loud: "I find myself looking around when I attend any group meeting, or stand up at a PTA gathering. Will someone disagree with me, pull out a gun and shoot me?"

This fear, for me, is new. In the past, I've marched in New York, in Washington, D.C. I even did a sit-in in the Illinois statehouse. It never occurred to me that anyone would shoot me. Today I back Planned Parenthood, Gun Sense Vermont, and any number of liberal causes. Does that put me at risk?

This is paranoid thinking. Just as paranoid as gun owners who fear that the government is going to take their guns away if any law passes that restricts their use. What kind of sensible decisions can be made if we are all acting out of fear? We have to acknowledge this fear, get it out in the open, and move on. I'm not talking about prohibition. We all know prohibition doesn't work. But sensible laws that make it harder for guns to get into the hands of the wrong people. Surely we can work together to make that happen.

How about beginning with background checks?

Lynn Martin, Brattleboro, Oct. 28


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