Letter: Don't miss Rockingham's Town Meeting

Don't miss Rockingham's Town Meeting

Editor of the Reformer:

National politics will wait for one evening. Rockingham needs its voters next Monday. Forget TV, call the babysitter, water your livestock, and treat yourself to dinner in Bellows Falls – all in time to attend the 7 p.m. Rockingham Town Meeting at the Opera House.

Rockingham's future depends on a smart and thrifty government with the thoughtful input of informed citizens. Despite the efforts of a minority of those on the Selectboard, our town continues to suffer greatly from extravagant spending and needless waste. Not all of the expenditures and initiatives found in the meeting articles are worthy and prudent.

Rockingham's future can't afford to squander its historical resources. Only on Monday night will voters attending the Town Meeting have an opportunity to redirect an ill-advised plan by voting No on Article 8 which seeks $100,000 for demolition of the town's historic TLR building. Also, viable alternatives exist to Article 10 which seeks $1,000,000 (1 million dollars) for fire apparatus. Another way Rockingham voters can maintain our high quality of life is to join their many neighbors in opposing siting a large jail in Rockingham, referred to as the "detention center."

This appears as Article 2 in the meeting warning, and will on the Tuesday ballots.

Be sure you're registered to vote. But remember, casting your Australian Ballot on Tuesday is only a limited part of the democratic process.

Please attend Town Meeting Monday night. Financials and other information are in Rockingham's Annual Report which can be picked-up in advance at Town Hall, the Bellows Falls Police Department, and the Rockingham Public Library.

Andrew Smith Bellows Falls, Feb. 23


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