Letter: Don't sensationalize, investigate

Don't sensationalize, investigate

Editor of the Reformer:

In response to your recent article on PanAsian, "Brattleboro Restaurant Accused of Serving Oranges From Dumpster" (Jan. 13), a question comes to mind for me: Why is Aldi (and other grocery establishments) throwing away food that can still be eaten? We have an epidemic of hunger here in our county, and it certainly could be ameliorated if edible food were made available to those who need it before it goes into the dumpster. Worldwide, between a third and a half of all food produced is thrown away, according to a 2013 report by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. Most of that is thrown away by consumers, but 11 percent of that is thrown away by retailers worldwide. France has passed a law that prohibits food retailers from throwing away food, starting in July of this year. It is an incredible waste of agricultural resources, land and water to grow food that goes uneaten, and it is also a travesty during a time when poverty keeps people from purchasing the food that they need.

I don't know all the details with what happened with the employees at PanAsian, but that is minor compared to the larger issue of food waste. The real crime exists within our food system. The Reformer is sensationalizing an incident that could harm PanAsian, rather than taking a look at the deeper issues which affect all of us.

Abigail Healey, Brattleboro, Jan. 13


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