Letter: Drug companies given license to gouge customers

Drug companies given license to gouge customers

Editor of the Reformer:

In response to your recent editorial concerning extremely high drug prices in America ("Patent protection is pushing drug prices," Aug. 24), some countries place more importance on human health than money (this country is not one of them). Here's how it works. If and when you create a monopoly, you then have control and can charge super high prices and get away with it as long as there is a need or demand for your product. What the big corporations, (in this case the drug companies) those who worship their wallets, do is to "purchase" (lobby) the legislators and regulators, and get them to pass laws enabling those companies to gouge the public. Example: it is against the law to purchase the same drugs which are less expensive from Canada. Meanwhile, everyone should hold on tight, because I don't see and changes or help coming in the near future.

John Hamill, Dummerston, Aug. 24


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