Letter: Energy audit heroes

Energy audit heroes

Editor of the Reformer:

Thanks so much to reporter Chris Mays and photographer Kristopher Radder for the fine job on the "Upgrades could save over $2M" article on April 25, and to the Reformer itself for allocating the considerable space for the article.

This initiative to tighten many of Brattleboro's municipal buildings will save the town considerable money, create more comfortable work space and, not least, cut down on the use of fossil fuels. Rightly cited for their important parts were Assistant Town Manager Patrick Moreland and Town Energy Coordinator Paul Cameron.

I would like to make sure that some of the unsung volunteers not mentioned in the article are also recognized for their considerable roles. Three Brattleboro Energy Committee members in particular spent extensive hours working on this project. Former Energy Committee Chair Lester Humphreys along with Energy Efficiency Subcommittee members Tad Montgomery and Bob Reuter gave input to the Request for Qualifications that would seek the building audit expertise the Town needed to hire. Then, they spent substantially more hours reviewing the 15 hefty responses to the RFQ and passing on their recommendations to Patrick and the Selectboard. When board term limits resulted in Lester leaving the Energy Committee in the summer, Bob and Tad's voluntary work continued on. Specifically, those two read the details of Margaret Dillon's (necessarily) lengthy drafts and gave significant helpful feedback.

The Reformer article praised Margaret for the quality and thoroughness of her work. Another consultant who participated in this audit phase was engineer Chris Hebb, part of the Windham Wood Heat Initiative, who carried out the mechanical audits and developed proposals for transitions to modern wood heat. Also directly involved was Gary Swindler of Efficiency Vermont, who had a lot of input relating particularly to how Efficiency Vermont incentives fit in. Yes, these three were professionals working for pay, but all did their work well.

I think all of us are looking forward to the implementation steps. Those steps will necessarily take time, but will be well worth it.

Michael Bosworth, Chairman, Brattleboro Energy Committee, April 27


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