Letter: Freedom and bread

Freedom and bread

Editor of the Reformer:

There has been much hand-wringing in the press this election cycle about what this upcoming vote means for the future of America. We may be at a crossroads of some kind, as most elections are, but the perspective and scale of this historical moment is hard to judge so close in time. Many writers and propagandists have gone to great lengths to expose the character flaws and strengths of the candidates. The plethora of writing has made this the most fascinating US election in my lifetime, perhaps ever. Simple majorities of Americans express unfavorable ratings for both major party candidates. Yet the scariest number I seen to date is 37 percent. That was the percentage of the vote that Hitler received from the voters in the 1932 German election. His main campaign slogan was Freedom and Bread. If Mr. Trump surpasses this, as is likely if current polling holds, how will be able to reconcile that similarity our the ever-changing idea of the American experiment?

Kevin O'Keefe, Brattleboro, Oct. 7


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