Letter: Gartenstein seeking re-election in Brattleboro

Gartenstein seeking re-election in Brattleboro

Editor of the Reformer: Serving on Brattleboro's Selectboard has been one of the greatest honors and privileges of my life. Government is a fundamental public trust, and I am humbled to have been elected to represent and work for Brattleboro's citizens in providing oversight and direction for our Town. I am running again for Selectboard because I want to continue the important work we are doing. As a member and chair of the Board, I have many priorities. Our government should be responsive, open, and transparent. Everyone should be able to have a voice in the process, and we should listen to and hear competing views thoughtfully and respectfully. Municipal services need to be provided in a safe and effective manner that meets the needs of our community and our ability to pay. Decisions should be made after careful consideration of all available information, with sufficient time for reflection, based on what best serves the public good. Throughout my five years on Selectboard, including the last three years as Board chair, I have worked to achieve these goals. The Board functions in a productive, constructive manner. Differing perspectives are shared and considered. Questions about matters ranging from core policy decisions to small details are raised and examined. Even when people disagree about how the Town's business should be handled, we do so with respect and careful deliberation, because we are voting and making decisions about what is in the public interest. Much good work on behalf of the Town has been done and is in progress. We are nearing a decision on necessary improvements to our deteriorating police and fire services infrastructure. Significant resources are being marshaled to maintain and repair our roads, bridges, and retaining walls. Protecting the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists is important. Parks, recreation, and library receive significant Town support. Our waste management systems are being transformed. Improved energy efficiency is integrated in our plans. Short and long term fiscal management and planning is in constant focus. We are nurturing the Town's solid relationship with its dedicated workforce. Brattleboro's downtown is thriving, and we collaborate effectively with regional partners to keep and grow good jobs and support economic development. I am proud to serve the people of Brattleboro on Selectboard, working to make our Town a better place. On Tuesday March 1, 2016 please vote David Gartenstein for Selectboard. Thank you.

David Gartenstein Brattleboro, Feb. 21


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