Letter: Golec running for Rockingham Selectboard

Golec running for Rockingham Selectboard

Editor of the Reformer:

One of the main reasons I'm running for Rockingham Selectboard is we need change on the Selectboard. I want to make sure the Selectboard hears the voices of our residents and listens. I'll listen and will hear all sides before making a decision and don't have any hidden agendas and pledge to do the people's business in public with transparency and not behind closed doors but at open public meetings where all can be heard.

I'm not a new face but bring new energy and fresh ideas and a new voice along with an open mind as we face many important issues and concerns this year some of which I have highlighted for you below. A voice for the residents of Rockingham that will listen to the residents as we move into the future and that I believe is one of my key strengths as it will allow me to remain independent and represent the interests of Rockingham residents above all else while "remembering to serve the people." I will continue to listen carefully to the citizens of Rockingham, respect your opinions and strive to provide a fair and balanced viewpoint and arrive at the best decision I can.

I would like to share with you some items of concern;

• Job Creation & Economic Development and support development of the Island to create new economic opportunities and vitality. We need to bring industry and good paying jobs back into this community. In addition the Selectboard needs to work closely with fellows board members and the Business leaders in our community to facilitate and formulate new ways to encourage and attract businesses to locate in Bellows Falls and the greater Rockingham and Saxtons River area while strengthening support for the Town's existing businesses.

• Heroin and drugs in our community. With ever increasing arrests due to the influx of heroin and other drugs we as a town need to send a clear and concise message to that those who sell illegal drugs are not welcome here. This influx of illegal drugs and drug use affects all of us in Rockingham and in reference to those suffering from opiate dependence/addiction we need to let people know that they can recover with treatment and the board needs to support a mechanism so to promote and educate people where they can receive help.

• Affordable Property Taxes with Responsible & Balanced Budgets! Rockingham and especially Bellows Falls are recognized as having one of the highest tax rates in the state and we as a board should work to change that image and strive to make Rockingham more affordable to those that live here. We have a lot of articles this time to be voted on that could effect how much everyone pays on their tax bill so people have to be concerned, get involved and attend Town Meeting on Monday night and vote Tuesday and let your voices be heard.

• Liberty Mill Justice Center. I support the public's right to be heard.

Rockingham is facing a lot of issues and topics this year and for the future some of which I've mentioned above and have highlighted for you and I encourage people to get involved in their community. Please attend the annual Rockingham Town Meeting at the Opera House on Monday, Feb. 29, at 7 p.m. and please exercise you right to vote at the polls on Tuesday March 1.

Stefan A. Golec Candidate for Rockingham Selectboard, Feb. 24


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