Letter: Groundworks responsive to community's concerns

Groundworks responsive to community's concerns

Editor of the Reformer:

So now we know that Groundworks Collaborative is not going to move into the proposed location on Frost St. Because of the possible move a lot more of the community became involved with the homeless. As an active participant in this neighborhood we agree with the board and staff's decision not to move to Frost Street. However, and this is important, this does not end our participation in addressing one of our town's concerns.

From the start this neighborhood was aware of, and wanted to help in, finding a solution. The people who use these facilities are part of all communities everywhere. Who among us does not have our own things to deal with though they may not be as visible?

We feel that the folks involved in creating the Groundworks Collaborative have taken a big step forward in addressing this concern by combining the overflow shelter and the drop-in-center with Morningside Shelter. And it is very good to see an active, positive, dedicated staff excited about their work. We hope that the interest that has been generated can continue to a productive end for all in our community.

Stewart and Kris McDermet, Brattleboro, July 11


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