Letter: Hillary is an economic hit woman

Hillary is an economic hit woman

Editor of the Reformer,

Does voting even matter anymore? Investigative reporter Daniel Hopsicker's long piece, "Hey California, Your Election Was Rigged," goes into great detail about how elections are rigged in this country and who does it.

He writes: "Executives (and owners) of the election company that counted approximately 40 per cent of California's vote have been convicted of bribing and suborning public officials. They've been busted for rigging elections — a couple times per decade — for the past 40 years. Top executives have gone to jail. Still, they soldier on, tabulating and counting the vote, as if nothing had happened. And we let them."

Meanwhile, FBI Director James Comey has just made it abundantly clear that people in power in this country don't have to be bound by any rules whatsoever.

Dr. Steve Pieczenik, who spent a lot of time in the State Department, goes ballistic over the rules that Hillary broke, and names all the career officers — whom he once respected — who must've enabled her, including Patrick Kennedy.

Brilliant investigative reporter Pepe Escobar has christened Hillary "the Goddess of War." However, recently, I picked up the updated version of John Perkins' "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man," and, opening up randomly to a passage about Libya, instantly had the epiphany that that's what Hillary is: an economic hit woman. Between Libya and Honduras, that's what Hillary is; that's what she does — destroy other countries for the enrichment of our 1 percent.

I am not voting for the Goddess of War. I horrified a woman from New Jersey with whom I struck up a conversation recently, by telling her that. The fear in her eyes over the prospect of Trump ending up as president was palpable. But, this country is so dysfunctional, so far removed from anything the Founding Fathers may have possibly conceived, that I just don't think it matters. How could it be any worse?

Besides, we may deserve Trump. Whenever I think of him, I think of Isaiah 6:9-11, the passages about "the Lord of the Hosts" sending out the trickster to the stupid people, "until the land is utterly desolate." Just as we have made so many others and as we intend to make so many others — via our gigantic welfare program for the military-industrial complex, our endless Global War of Terror, our Pentagon's program of war just for the sake of war. That is, just for kicks. Just for death and destruction and the defense of the almighty dollar.

Jacqueline Brook Putney, July 6


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