Letter: 'Hillary lies!'

'Hillary lies!'

Editor of the Reformer:

The most difficult people to have a sensible political discussion with these days are Donald Trump supporters. A typical conversation (these "discussions" actually happened) with them goes like this: I ask: "What actual positive things has Trump done?" They answer: "Hillary lies!" Then I ask them why they are not turned off by Trump's demeaning view of women. They answer "Hillary lies!" I ask: "Doesn't Trump lie?" Answer: "Hillary lies!"

I continue. "Why are you not turned off by Trump's hatred of Muslims?" Answer: "Hillary lies!" I try again. "Do you think it is okay for Trump to make fun of disabled people?" I get the same answer: "Hillary lies!" Persevering, I ask: "Aren't you worried about such a thin-skinned, volatile person such as Trump having his finger on the nuclear button?" Answer "Hillary lies!"

The common thread in all of this is obvious, of course. Trump supporters cannot think of one good thing to say about Trump and so they justify their support of him by dumping on Hillary.

If there is a good God in the heavens who cares about America, let us pray that she will inspire enough Americans to vote in November for Hillary.

P.S. The following discussion, thank God, is only hypothetical. Putin is having a summit meeting with President Trump and Putin says to him: "Hey, Trump, I'm going to bomb your country. What are you going to do about it?" Trump, shaking in his boots but still smirking, says "Hillary lies!"

Wally Roberts, Brattleboro, July 30


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