Letter: Holding the horses

Holding the horses

Editor of the Reformer:

Interesting to read in the Nov. 11 issue in the front-page article about Act 46 and the state's first merger that most of the expected cost savings will come through "... combining purchasing, human resources, tracking of student test scores and other administrative functions." And that most of the advantages consist of "... expanded access to extracurricular activities like athletics, music groups and clubs." These small and simple savings methods, such as combined purchasing, could very easily have been accomplished through an incentive program without the need to disrupt the entire system of local school control in Vermont. And increased access to extracurricular clubs is not exactly a game-changer for our kids in Vermont. Our schools are the heart of our small communities and unless we hear more convincing evidence of either lowered property taxes or better educational opportunities we should hold the horses on this act and give Vermont more time to think this through. I urge the Legislature to consider this in the upcoming session.

Dan MacArthur, Marlboro, Nov. 13


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