Letter: Honor all mothers

Honor all mothers

Editor of the Reformer:

As we celebrate Mother's Day, please take a moment to think about the mothers of the woods who bear their young this time of year. It's lovely to think of the baby animals being raised by their moms each spring, with fluffy coats and bumbling gaits and awkward attempts to walk or fly.

What goes on behind the curtain is not so nice. Some of our wildlife are considered a "nuisance," and may be trapped and killed outside of the respective trapping seasons, at biologically inappropriate times. The result of this trapping is orphaned baby animals who end up dying without their mothers. The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department does not have complete data on how many animals are trapped, how many are considered "trash" animals (ie. , non-target), how may are trapped outside of respective trapping seasons, and even worse, there is zero accounting for coyote, skunk, squirrel, and crow who may be killed 365 days per year.

Beavers are a species that are senselessly trapped and drowned since they are considered by some to be a nuisance. What was once a playful family unit is now a disrupted family that will have rippling effects on surrounding ecosystems. Beaver kits stay with their family for two years and with their parent(s) being trapped, their chances for survival are grim.

While we enjoy a peaceful Mothers Day with family, our woodland families are being broken apart, killed, orphaned, and left to die. All of this is preventable by employing humane options to wildlife conflicts.

If you are concerned by any of these facts, please contact your state representative and voice your concern. Every voice counts.

Jane Fitzwilliam, Putney, May 11


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