Letter: I support Dunne

I support Dunne

Editor of the Reformer:

I am worried about the current state of affairs in Vermont. Government for the people needs to be responsive to the needs of the people. Peter Shumlin has promoted worthwhile ideas for the betterment of Vermont, but their implementation has been disappointing. Health care, education, job creation, and energy are areas where his rhetoric has outpaced his competence.

I support Matt Dunne for governor. Unlike Sue Minter, he has not participated in the feckless Shumlin administration. He has argued for common sense solutions for the common good, on a Vermont scale.

Why are Vermont's public schools some of the best in the country? Local control. Citizens feel they have a say in what happens for their children. Act 46 has many noble pieces, but it epitomizes big government being unresponsive to the needs of the people. It does not promote appropriate human scale learning environments for students or respect the towns and communities where this learning is supposed to take place.

Why are Vermont's hills and mountains some of the most pristine in the country? Local control. Citizens feel they have a say in how their towns develop their resources. The green hills of Vermont reflect our name, our heritage and our independence. Industrial wind development should be decided by those who live in the community.

Matt Dunne is someone who has experienced the governmental economies of scale at Americorps Vista and the private sector economies of scale at Google. And yet, he promotes a human scale, common sense approach for state government in Vermont. Matt will get things done.

Joe Rivers, Brattleboro, Aug. 4


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