Letter: I support Minter, Smith

I support Minter, Smith

Editor of the Reformer:

Vermonters have a Primary Election on Aug. 9, and with early voting already possible, even if you'll be away on Primary Day, any registered voters can cast their ballot and exercise their franchise in our democratic process.

Now during any campaign, candidates can, and do, say about anything.

A more polite way to phrase that would be with Mario Cuomo's words, "We campaign in poetry, but govern in prose."

With that in mind, my vote goes to Sue Minter for Governor, for her track record of accomplishment (as well as her ideas for the future).

While other candidates can make it all sound so easy, and over promise, Sue has already helped make things work. And, she did it in a way, that turned the crisis of Storm Irene , into the opportunity that repaired the damage and brought out the best in Vermonters. Her track record in the House of Representatives, has the backdrop of the Great Recession , where she worked to make the best out of a difficult situation that the greed of Wall Street dumped on Main Streets all over the USA.

In the Lt. Governor race, Shap Smith has proved that he is the most experienced and prepared to assume the Governorship, the most important aspect of that position.

His effective and productive leadership of the large and diverse, 150 member House of Representatives, shows he's ready to assume the broad based expectations as the state's Chief Executive- as well as provide leadership into the future on a wide array of issues.

At this point in time, it makes sense to me to go with experience.

I wouldn't trust my car, computer or home's electric system to someone who had no experience working on those things, but instead, insisted , they "had a few good ideas on how it should be done." Legislation is the art of the possible through listening, compromise and common sense for the common good.

Sue Minter and Shap Smith have that experience, and the track records that have already produced results for Vermonters, and they'll have my vote on Aug. 9 (and Nov. 8).

Mike Mrowicki, Vermont State Representative, Windham4 District, July 7


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